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Wriggly babies

Hey wondered if anyone had any tips. Both my boys are really wriggly and keep waking themselves up by rolling into the side of their cot i tuck them in but they wriggle out the top. any help appreciated xx


  • have you tried one of those sleeping bags/growbags?? they'll them down... how old are they now?? they usually have to be a certain weight/age before going in them but it should say on the packaging... xx
  • Hey Wenders thanks for that. Went looking for some yesterday and bought two but they have to grow into them first. Minimum weight is 7.5lb so got a little while yet. The boys were 6 weeks yesterday I cant get over how quickly its going! How are you?
  • Gro bags were the answer for my lil girl. She stil wriggles but far less than before and although she can stil get her leg through the cot bars the gro bags greatly reduce how often she does this. Once a wriggler....always a wriggler!
  • my son loved being swaddled when he was little, stopped his wriggling and waking himself up and gave me a little peace - otherwise he never slept for more than 90 minutes!
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