Hello. A little light hearted vent of frustration

As some of you no I moved to South Wales around 6-8 weeks ago and in that time here is a list of things that have gone wrong.

In order of occurance
1 - Drains backed up, spilling raw sewage into back garden
2 - Boiler packs up
3 - Radiatior in bathroom leaks causing water pressure in boiler to drop making pilot light go out on almost a daily basis.
4 - Water comes through the roof of the kitchen
5 - Bank cocks up rental payment for the house
6 - Now we have a bloody MOUSE. It woke me up last night trying to chew something but I couldn't find what or where. Freya has been waking for no reason in the night and have been wondering if it could be our new lodger. I haven't found him yet but when I do.......got help it!! Oh doesn't believe me but evidence points to it!! I have missing handels on bags that had them before, I have found a mouse dropping in the bathroom (I asumed it come of someone shoes or something when I first found it). I just can't find it runs and I can't get the bath panel off to see ifs its living under there.

I do think tho that mice are quite sweet as pets but not as uninvited lodgers that are not paying rent!! I used to keep rats as pets as they are the best pets to have. Honest. But oh won't let me. He won't even let the kids have a rabbit. We are only allowed fish or a dog.

Anyway thanks for reading.

Kerry, Freya and Bump


  • Freya has been waking for no reason in the night and have been wondering if it could be our new lodger. I haven't found him yet but when I do.......got help it!!

    Sorry Kerry but you've made it sound like the lodgers in for it! LOL!! Made me giggle!! Bless!! Hope things get better!!
  • I know you said you like mice but I would buy a mouse trap! Or borrow a cat from somewhere!!

    Sorry to hear of all your troubles. Maybe everything has happened all at once so you wont have anymore....?
  • where in south wales have you moved too?? im over in carmarthenshire!!
  • MummiD
    I am in the county of Monmouthshire. I have no idea where anything is outside of my tiny village. I hope it near you as I am so lonely here isolated here. image

    If I find it, it will be in for it!! No one can life here without my permission and not pay rent!! As for destroying my bags......A sin!! A very big sin!! But at least I get to go shopping for more. Lol.

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • ah monnouthshire is about an hour away depending on where abouts you are. Im on my tod down here aswell apart from one friend.....so know exactly how you feel!!
  • My only friend here is the person that looks at me in the mirror when oh is at work. LoL. (wow how pathetic and desperate does that sound lol) I can see the severn bridge from where I live (don't really want to post my town on here). Its a loverly place to live but people have there own lives and I'm finding it hard to make friends. I go to toddler groups but I don't see anyone outside of there. I don't drive either (although I could be learning again when baby is born, fingers crossed)

    X X X
  • ah bless you. it is hard to make friends, im lucky that one of OH friends was expecting the asme time as me so we had something in common. i prob get together her once a week but apart from that its me and LO all day. x
  • We have some friends that live 20min away but we don't see them and they have a family and jobs ect. I will get there, I think we moved a little to close to xmas really. The worst thing is oh works more weekends then he has off. And because we have just moved everybody wants to come up, lol
    X X X
  • Hi Pumpkin Patch, I think I remember you saying ages ago where you were moving to, and I've got a feeling its where I live.
    Not sure if there is a function to email me on here, but if you want to chat I can always see if I go to same toddler group as you, (I only get to go to one on a Wed morning due to work!) and would do my best to help introduce you to some more people if I can help.
    If I'm not in same place I'm prob not far as I'm also in Monmouthshire so might be able to give you some ideas of places to go or things to do!

    Hope that helps, take care

  • Hello cez06

    I have put my name down on a waiting list for a wed morning toddler group, other wise I go to one on a Thur and sometimes a friday morning.

    I will see If I can e-mail you.

    X X X

    Sorry I can't e-mail you, not really sure how to do it. Are you on facebook?? If not my e-mail address is [email protected]
    I have read your 'about you' and I am not far from you but we are not in the same town.

    [Modified by: PumpkinPatch on November 21, 2008 09:46 PM]

  • hi Kerry, just tried to email you via this site, hope that it works.
    if not will try a separate email!
  • Cez
    Got your e-mail thanks and replied.

    X X X
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