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Im slightly concerned that I cant bare to touch my scar or the area around it. The area around (the bottom of my tummy) is still numb, and it makes me physically gag to touch it, or the scar. I cant dry it after a shower, I can barely look at it in the mirror. I also have issues with hubby touching anywhere near the scar or my tummy. He is trying really hard but its really getting me down as im am normally a touchy feely cuddly person. My scar can be a little sore but this isnt why I cant touch it, it just repulses me.

Has anyone else felt like this or should I talk to someone? Will I eventually learn to accept it? Its really starting to get me down.

The boys are 13 weeks old.

Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 13 + 2


  • .. Hun I would talk to someone just in case - I did have personal issues during the 3 day blues where on top of some feeding issues I had a big cry on my OH as I felt I had failed, but other than that I'm fine, you need to make sure your drying it really well after the shower as that can make it take longer to heal etc x

    I will say I have parts that are still numb... when it itches it drives me crazy as I can feel the itch but that me scratching - and its been 8 months since mine - alot of ladies I have spoken to have some numb parts or patches x

    I know I've not really been much help - big hugs and have a word with your HV x x x

  • I think it's fairly normal to have a certian amount of dislike for your scar. I only let OH see my tummy on the 1st, almost 8 months after DS. It'll take some time to adjust, you had your 'old' tummy alot longer than you have your 'new' tummy, if you get what I mean?

    My Dr promised that one day,i'd see my scar as a symbol of my boy.(I haven't been brave enough to look at it yet, tummy's gross enough) saves me getting a tattoo I suppose.

    I still cringe when I have to wash/dry it, but I just shut my eyes! I've found using talc (randomly enough) helps me touch it a little everyday and stops it getting, tmi too sweaty. I'm still numb too, not sure if the feelin will ever come back.

    Speak to your Dr or HV, it'll help reassure you. xx
  • hi, i had an em c section in march and re the numbness i'm only just getting somefeeling back now (ds is 9 months) and its now becomeing quite tender (the bottom of belly that is), i asked my hv about this before as i was worried about it still being numb and she said many women don't get feeling back til post 1yr, so onthat front, totally normal.

    i hate my scar, well not my scar really but my belly, i was never a huge fan of it before (always a bit on the wobbly side) but now it looks like an old mans tummy, i also don't like OH touching the bottom of y belly as i think its disgusting so i think he'llthink i'm disgusting, if that makes sense, but truth of it is, he doesn't care (or thats what he says lol), much like i'm sure ur OH isn't bothered by ur scar, but we create these things for ourselves don't we? i definately think having some chats wld help, be it with gp, hv, other mums with c sections, ur OH or a counsellor. forgive me for asking but have u come to terms and accepted that u had a c section yet? perhaps this might be an issue, because u don't like the fact u had a section u can't bare the proof of it thats on ur body (the scar), not sure if i'm making any sense or if i'm even helping at all lol....i think my only hope wld perhaps be a visit from gok lol or failing that a tummy tuck lol! xx
  • I had c-sections with both of my boys. The first was nearly 9 years ago now, and i vividly remember how sick the scar made me feel - so I know how you feel.

    The numbness does go eventually - although I'll be honest, it did take a while - and eventually I got to the point where the scar wasn't an issue anymore (to the point where one night on the way home from Jongleurs I drunkenly showed a male colleague how small and neat the scar was!)

    The crappy c-sec scar feeling does go eventually, but it won't happen overnight. Give yourself time hun x

  • Thank you ladies.

    siany - you make lots of sense. I know what you mean about getting over the idea of needing a section. I was never really hugely bothered until I was told I had no choice. Then I was really upset. However, I wasnt as upset about the fact that I had to have a section but more that the boys hadnt made their own choice to arrive, they were born on a scheduled date. This was something I struggled to come to terms with, and still do if im honest. I felt that the Drs made the decision for them, and maybe, if they had waited, we wouldnt have spent 10 days in SCBU. (I know the drs did what was best - there are many complications with waiting with id twins). This is what my scar represents at the moment, although I do have 2 healthy and happy boys, which I am very grateful for.

    I dont know if all that made any sense to anyone. I guess it just takes time. Im glad the nummbness is normal though as I was starting to get concerned! lol
  • hi gem, I was like this both mine but more with my first cos it was new, it does get better because you only think of your babies arriving safely cos of the scar, i did not like oh seeing or touching scar but you will forget it is there, so sorry you feel sad at this time tell not to worry and speak to mw, xx
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