Need advice on iCandy peach!!

Hi girls, would be really grateful if someone could help me out here. The foot muff for my peach arrived today, but I can't figure out how it goes on. First I thought maybe it went over the existing cover with the straps through the holes (the grey bit with picture of a peach at the top) b0But then thought maybe I should unzip what's on there already and zip the cover in where the first bit was. That works until you get to the groin strap bit, as I can't get the buckle bit through the brown cover or the part at the back to remove the cover.

If anyone understands what I'm going on about and can help I'd be soooooo grateful!!


  • I fitted mine over the existing cover with the straps through the holes. HTH xx
  • Ok...what about the zip part? Thanks for replying hun xx
  • I'm not sure I know what you mean. But the leg part kind of dangles over the bottom end of the pram and you can zip the top part off. I've actually had it fitted all summer and have just kept zipping the foot cover off and on in accordance with the weather.

    Have I helped? I'm not sure but I hope so xx
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