what would you do?

i have a bit of a dialema and would like our opinions please

i have a job to go back to which have agreed to one long day a week when hubby is off so he can look after LO, its not really the job i want to be in and i dont really have any 'friends' in that area.

i have been offered a job pending refs which is 2 long days, its a great oppertunity and i'm quite suprised i made the cut TBH, the problem is is can be any 2 days out of the 7 days or nights which is proving to be very difficult to find childcare.

we had planned to try for a second baby later this year andi if finacially we are in the same position as we are now i plan to become a SAHM until both children are past the toddler stage image

my options are to stay with my current emplyer and try for no2 earlier or take the job (providing i can acctually find childcare, we are stuggling to find a place and one that doesnt cost 90% or my paypacket) and put it off for a good 6 months at least, the job is a great oppertunity but i cant help thinking its not worth taking if i am to be leaving with my next baby?

i am in a pickle,

what would you ladies do?


  • Ooooh, tricky one. Personally (based on the fact that it will all hopefully be temporary) I'd stick with the current job. The new job sounds like it might cause a bit of a headache childcare wise. I'd go back but keep reminding myself that it hpefully won't be for long! Having said that (being devil's advocate here!) what happens if it takes a while to conceive...? Blimey - what a dilemma! Sorry chick - don't think I have helped an awful lot! x
  • have you looked into having an Au pair? my friend has had one for over a year now and says its the best decision she ever made! She works crazy hours and having an Au Pair means there is always someone at home if she is called into work or is working night shifts. They are very reasonable in terms of money and give you the flexibility that other child care options don't offer?
    .....Just a thought
  • it took, 11 months to concieve DS so i have thought about that, i think thats the reason we dont want to leave it a few years,

    we have looked in to a lot of options regarding childcare we dont have enough room to put up another adult in our house and i wont earn a great deal parttime, working full time childcare would be 50% of my wages and partime about 80/90 % due to my varying shifts, but i dont want to not see LO for 3/4 full days going full time esp as he doesnt sleep through.

    none or our local nurseries have any places at the mo nor any coming up i need to ring round our local childminders (theres not many with vacancies) and see how much that would cost x
  • Oh hun, what a dilema! The only other thing to remember, apart from it taking 11 months to conceive before, if you keep your job and do TTC you'll have to work there whilst pg - I seem to remember its pretty hard going and they weren't very understanding.

    Childcare really is such an issue isn't it. image

    I think as you look into more childcare options it'll become easier to make the decision.

    Tricky one xxx
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