feeling sorry for myself

Hey girls, feeling poorly and tired so thought i'd have a whinge! lol! Im full up with cold and last night instead of Charlie sleeping through to 5am he decided not to sleep at all and just have little cat naps, 5 mins here, 10 mins there but i think he's got a cold as well,bless him so today i feel like poo and he looks a little spaced out - definately a duvet day today! xx


  • aw poor you, i hope you feel better soon, 2009 seems to be a constant cough and sneezing episodes in our house! HUGS x
  • Awwww hun this was us last week. Alf was starting with the snots and I hadn't figured it out and he just wouldn't sleep, eat, settle, anything really. This week is a bit better, so enjoy your duvet day (LOVE duvet day's!!) and it will pick up-honest! x
  • awww thanks girls, its the first time i've been ill since having charlie and its hard knowing i cant just collapse on the sofa all day like i would have done pre-charlie. Wouldn't change it for the world tho! xx
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