why not for us?

Why do they make all the good things for babies? I want one for me :roll:


Though if I ever have another lo and have too much money....



  • wow I'd love one of those but then i'm the girl who wants my very own jumperoo and a massive baby swing chair oh and a bouncer lol xx
  • Wow that looks soooo comfy! My oh always says he wishes he could have a grown up version of the Grobags when he tucks Alf into his. I did explain I could stich him into a sleeping bag but he wasn't that fussed! xx
  • That looks comfy.

    I love the way they say most babies were sleeping through by 16 weeks - yes but what about when they outgrow the hammock and are suddenly in a huge cot?

    Mum to 1 maybe you oh could cut arm holes in a sleeping bag? Im sure that would do the trick.
  • That looks fab - i wish i'd heard of that before i'd had Oscar it's exactly how he likes to sleep, i have such trouble getting him to sleep without rocking and swaddling, it looks sooo cosy! x
  • :O i really want one!!
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