baby weight

im starting to get really miffed my lo is three weeks old on monday and im really lucky because due to the fact i lost my appetite in pregnancy ive come out of it a stone lighter than when i fell pregnant but everyone seems to need to comment on it. i can cope with the school mums telling me i look well and even the grumbles from them about how its not fair.but my hubby keeps telling me how sexy i look now! and its a bit like cheers babe i wasnt before?also when i pinched a quaver from my other lo's he grumbled about how id said i didnt want to put the weight on like i had befor with the other two and then got stropy when i didnt want a cake lol. now my bloody brother has started by asking so are you going to keep the weight off this time?
why is it people feel the need to comment if you put weight on or loose it your to fat too thin etc even when your pregnat oh thats a big/small bump
i know im prob being oversesitive but its really bugging me!
sorry rant over lol
faith xxxx
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