How much milk at 10 months?

DD cut down to 2 8oz bottles a day when she hit around 8.5 months but she is now 10 months and seems to be going off her morning bottle, she has a couple of mouth fulls and thats it. She has a bowl of porridge and toast mid morning so she is getting enough to eat but is one 8oz bottle enough for her?


  • Hello lovely image

    Apparently there supposed to have about 20oz once established on solids BUT Dee doesn't he has 2 9oz bottles and hv said this was fine.

    Have you tried milk in a beaker to get more into her? Only reason I ask is Dee wont take a bottle during the day but wont take beaker morning and night (fussy and v v determined :lolimage so to try and wean him from bottles we've introduced milk in a beaker during the day its going quite well and we will drop a bottle next week and see how he goes.

  • My lo is 11 months and has been on one 9oz bottle before bed since about 6 weeks ago. HV says its fine as long as i make sure he's getting dairy in other places like yoghurt, cheese and cows milk in his porridge.

  • Hi hun (((waves))) xxx

    That's a great idea, she loves drinking her water from her sippy cup so she might be more inclined to drink milk throughout the day if I give it to her like this. 20ozs wow I dont think I could get that amount into Olivia no matter how hard I tried! Our Nov babies are very determined aren't they? :lol:
  • I was going to post this as well, girls!!!

    Jak still has 4 bottles a day, I've recently dropped them down from 4x 6oz to 6oz first thing, then 4oz at lunch, 4oz at tea and then 6oz at bedtime. I'm worried that's way too much, but I don't want to take any more away from him if he's happy on it, iyswim? Someone I saw today told me that's way too much and I'll just be giving him empty calories.. is that true? I thought formula was full of stuff they needed?

    I'll be watching this thread with interest...
  • Starbrite did your lo just start dropping his milk naturally as well? Olivia would get about 2 ozs milk in her porridge and she has 2-3 yougurts a day, she has a little bit of cheese but she is not overly keen.
  • Emily that sounds about right then, he is still getting his 20ozs a day just not in one or two bottles, I wouldnt think that it was too much and I def wouldnt say it would be empty calories especially as it is milk xx
  • Hi! Fancy seeing you here ;\)

    Freddie has nowhere near 20 oz - well I dont think he does - we're mix feeding so hard to tell!

    On his 3 nursery days I send him with 2 6 oz bottles ... I generally get one back with 2 oz in it and one with 4oz in it. He drinks about 4- 5 oz when he gets in then has bf before bed and 1 maybe 2 bfs through the night. Depending on how much he's taken in the night depends on whether he wants a bf for breakfast or not

    Try to make sure he has lots of yogurt, cheese, fromage frais etc etc to make up for the milk he doesn't take.

    He'll drink out of a beaker for his daddy - not for me. Mind you he'll eat off a spoon for nursery - not for me.

    He's headstrong and awkward I can't think where he gets it from image

  • :lol: Hi K xxx

    I think it must be something with these Nov babies they are all stubborn!! :lol:
  • I keep reading that they should be on between 500 and 600ml up until they are 12 months and then you can switch to cows milk.
    A has 4x 5oz bottles which is 500ml.
    She is really happy with these. One when she wakes up, one either right before or right after her morning nap one at 4pm (she goes mental if she doesn't get this one) and one before bed. Because she is so little i will be persisting with these for as long as she wants them.
    Novemeber babies are so wilful and determine, i think its because they are scorpios (mostly)

  • Thanks Rosapenny - I thought that it wouldn't be empty calories but the lady who said it has four kids of her own, two grandchildren and another on the way, used to child mind and is now a teaching assistant, and while that doesn't make her an expert I'd have thought she knew a little about it!
  • I agree with the scorpios comment! And I desperately wanted one!! But being determined isnt such a bad thing image

    Im still working on the 18-20oz (530ml - 600ml) until 12 months. So I offer 20oz / 600ml each day and dont stress if he doesnt take all the bottle:

    6.75 oz / 200ml - morning
    5 oz / 150ml - afternoon
    8.5 oz / 250ml - night

    He also has a lot of dairy (mostly yoghurt, cheese) plus formula in his weetbix when he eats it.

    If he decides to cut down between now and November I will just follow his lead. My mw assured me that some babies just dont need the "recommended" amounts if they are stocking up on the nutrients elsewhere (other dairy and greens) so I feel comfortable with that. Why fight it?

    I would just keep offering her less in the morning bottle or sippy cup/beaker and see what happens. She may well pick up interest again!
  • My HV has said that Ty has to have 20ozs a day and at the moment milk is still the main source for them, food is just tasting and exploring. Complete opposite to what you have been told, but then Ty is more for milk than food, maybe she was just trying to make me feel better.
    He has 7oz in the morning, same afternoon and same before bed.

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