What age for cot duvet/blanket?

hi ladies

my son is 10 1/2 months old, and with the weather getting cooler i was wondering if he could have a blanket or duvet for his cot yet? he used to sleeping in a gro bag, but they are to small now, but i have a cot duvet that came with the bedding set, but i dont know from what age it can be used?


ashy xw


  • i think the recommended age for cotduvets are 1year, that's what it says on the one i have stashed under my LO's bed anyways. don't know if it applies to all duvets though? xx
  • I was also under the impression that duvets and pillows are from 1 year of age.

    I saw yesterday a cheap sleeping bag in primark for ??8
  • duvets are generally advised after 12 months, but my LO had one in her cot from 4 months. It actually turned out to be lighter than several layers of blankets, and she really likes it! Its only 4 tog, one of the ones that you buy for cots.

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