area dilemna for big meet

right so have been counting up votes between london and birmingham and birmingham is in the lead at the moment, though it's very close, and there are a few of you who are flexible either way.

Stephe has mentioned manchester - ill have a look about and see if this is a possibilty - what do we think of manchester girlies?

otherwise is there anywhere else? or we're going to have to think of a good comprimise or just take it on votes (which unfortunately is proving tricky to make it so everybody can come) image i hate the thought of anybody being left out


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  • Manchester isn't possible. Its further away than Birmingham for us. 267 miles and almost 5 hours driving to get to Manchester! We live right on the east coast so anything further than London (and London is still 2 hours by train, and still 132 miles away) would be impossible with two LO's of 14 weeks and 16 months.

    Hopefully something will get sorted out, although some people are going to be left out, but obviously you have to go with the majority. image

  • LinziMC - Where is best for you? xx
  • hi honey, to be honest i've barely even thought about my own travel arrangments! lol. i'm up in newcastle so anywhere is guna be a pretty long journey, bout 3hours. i'm really flexible though, happy to travel almost anywhere as hubbys a great help and evie's at quite an easy age now i'm sure i could manage! lol. thanks for asking though garfield image
  • LOL! Its ok, your more worried about everyone else meeting up, than you are yourself! Bless you, we really appreciate everything you're doing. image

  • Maybe we could split it into 2 big meet ups? Someone else organises another, just a thought if there us a big split?

  • Manchester is probably best for me (despite living in Devon), as OH's family live near Wigan, so I could stay over with them. Failing that, B'ham is best for me (and cheaper than London).
  • i mean, theres a few more votes up now and birmingham does appear to be the best all rounder at the moment... ill give it another day or so for people to post their choice and we'll confirm it all within the next few days!
  • Think you'd have a lot less votes for manchester than the other two. :lol:
    it might be a shame, but I just couldnt afford over ??100 on a train ticket alone to get to birmingham, (but we are in that area in oct if you can wait that long? :lol: ) Dont worry about the minority though, if they're owt like me, as disappointing as it is, we're used to having to miss out on stuff because it's too far away (all the big companies and shows etc rarely get north of birmingham and its almost like the proper north doesnt exist :lol: )

  • i am willing to travel to most places as long as a day suits. I am also considering if there is a fair distance in booking a hotel and travelling home the next day otherwise we may find a lot of travelling in one day and wouldnt want to travel back too late. If some people were thinking of doing the same birmingham would probably be better as hotels in london are pretty expensive for the ones travelling down? whereas london for me is half hour on a train. xxxx
  • i know what you mean steph! it is bloody costly to travel these days isn't it! i mean... we will be arranging this in advance, i think the idea is that it's going to be nearer summer time so we can have outdoorsy things going on.... and train tickets tend to be a lot cheaper when booking in advance.. though still not cheap enough for some, i understand.

    it's a shame i'm not a millionairre as i'd gladly hire out an entire hotel for us all so we can stay over and book everybodies travel tickets!

    nevermind XX
  • we should all put in a sweepstake for tonights lottery roll over to fund it!!! xxx
  • I'd go to Manchester image Its only an hour or so away for me!

    Linzi I haven't done that email yet (was too busy at work!!), but do you want to let me have your email address then I can cc you into it - easier that way maybe
  • do we have a date (ish) as Id prefer not to be in labour at the time... if posimage
  • Birmingham def best for me hun xx
  • looks like birminghams winning.

    kia my emails address is [email protected] (set that up aged 10 or something so don't laugh!)
  • Whats inbetween Birmingham and London? Wherever that is would be the fairest over all! So Birmingham ladies don't miss out due to it being in London, and London ladies don't miss out on it being in Birmingham. Just a suggestion image

  • i wouldnt rule out 2 meets one in birmingham one in london. Might be more interesting for magazine to get involved. they would have to be on same day same time similar theme etc if half girls cant come its less money for the charity sorry to create more of a headache its just a suggestion.
  • i had a look today and my travel times on the train from darlington to b'ham or d'ton to london are virtually the same, it just scares the hell out of me if i have to get on tubes etx with 2 lo's... 18mnths and 5mnths.
    Even m'chester would be the same travel times. I dont think it's going to be 'easy' for any of us (or not many) but it should be worth it. x
  • Manchester would be brill for me cos live 20 mins away. Would it be impossible to have 3? North (manchester), middle (birmingham) and south (london). That way more people would be able to go to one. Although i could get to london it would be 20 mins on bus, then 4 hours on train and then however long it took to get to meet from euston - long time when you just dont get the tub system. There would also be waiting around time. This may not seem to0 bad but with a baby it would be very difficult. I think we are all underestimating how difficult travelling with a baby or two (esp on public transport) can be. I know when i got the train home from work once there was a woman going to essex from blackpool. She was on the 4 hour journey to london and didnt even have a seat!!!!
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