Day from Hell - I need some sympathy

Feel like breaking down and crying my heart out. Beba has been ill since Friday with a cough which seemed to get worse yesterday. She seemed to be struggling to breathe. Her normal Dr was off so took her to another Dr who said she had bronchalitis (not sure of spelling). She gave her antibiotics, drops with cautazone and some sort of cough mixture. When I got home my husband started shouting at me that he didn't like the Dr I went to and should have gone to someone else. But during all this he had been sleeping not giving a dam about her. He then went out and didn't come home until 3am.

I was working today and because I teach and am the only person who teaches the subjects it is really difficult for me to phone in sick. I left the baby with my husband. She slept until 10.30 am but when she woke up she was interfering with his sleep so he phoned me shouting abuse every half an hour saying I was a bad mother for leaving a sick child. He even said he was going to smash my face in when I got home from work. I was in a state. When I got home he acted as though everything was fine. I just hate him so much but he won't leave. I wish I had never married him let alone had 3 children with him. After I cooked etc I told him I wanted to talk because I couldn't carry on so he broke a chest of draws and went out.

The baby has spent all afternoon and evening screaming unless I carry her around. The two boys have been really awful, fighting all the time. When I manage to get her to sleep they start shouting and wake her up again.

Sorry to go on . You don't need to reply, but I am feeling really sorry for myself and just want to let it all out. Luckily Beba has fallen asleep so I've just eaten a big bar of chocolate to try and cheer myself up.

I feel that I am the unluckiest person in the world and I must have done something really awful to deserve what I've got.


  • You haven't done anything awful and you don't deserve it. A sick baby is enough to deal with, without taking that kind of s*** from your husband.He should be helping you with the children, not making your life harder. It is not my business, but if he is making those kinds of threats I would be thinking seriously about whether I wanted my kids to grow up around that. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but if you are really unhappy, you need to get things sorted out. Do you have any friends or relatives that you can talk to or even stay with for a bit?

    I hope you have a better day tomorrow- sending hugs!
  • Aw hun, sending you big hugs. This may sound harsh but your husband sounds so awful, couldn't you leave and bring your kids back to England? I remember how nasty he was to you while you were pregnant and it doesn't seem like he's changed. Thinking of you and hope little Beba gets better soon. xxx
  • aww hugs, ur not awful n you have done nothing wrong, he's the awful one,. i was in a violent n abusive relatioship i felt it was my fault but i know it wasnt, how dare he shout at you, ok baby was sick but hes the father she is not just your responsibility x i really feel for u, go stay with a friend or relative, dont let him treat you that way hun x i hope lo is ok n big hugs to u xxx
  • Thanks for the replies. Can't call the police as he is a policeman and they are all his friends. Everyone thinks he is such a good guy as he always helps everyone except me.
    I just wish he would leave. I've told him I don't want anything as I pay all the outgoings of the family anyway as he keeps his wages for having a good time. The only problem is that I co signed a mortgage for 100,000??????? because he got the woman in the bank to say that I was not responsible for the payments. But it turns out I am. I thought banks had to be honest but it was a big mistake.
    Anyway hopefully tommorrow will be a better day. I told him not to come home and hopefully he won't.
  • as a police force, they should respect your privacy and shouldnt let their 'friendship' with ur hubby cloud their judgement. whichever way you look at this hon, its domestic violence (physical or not). money isnt everything, your kids and your safety is!!! get out, dont tell him where your going or get an injunction against him until he gets himself into a frame of mind where u can talk properly.

    i really hope u get sorted and ur baby gets better soon, look after yourself and dont take any s**t from men like that, you are worth so much more!!!

    lv n hugs xx
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