Well here it goes for my rant girls i appologise in advance because if i dont get this off my chest im going to flip im so mad!!

okay... in November i bought my boyfirned Logitech Z5500 speakers for his xmas they were 290 quid, i told him and he said send them back as you could save yourself 100 quid by getting them on ebuyer, which was true but me being me i wanted them and thought buying them straight from the manufacturer would save any problems BOY WAS I FCKING WRONG!!!

I was told by the company i had to send the speakers back to the returns dept ..in the NETHERLANDS! and that they had to go back by tracked delivery, the post office said i couldnt send them tracked delivery as it was going to the netherlands so they were sent back at a cost of 65 quid, not fkn cheap i put 2 massive labels with the address plus the reference number on them this was the middle of november!, well by the start of december i still hadnt heard anything so i phoned back they said they couldnt check from their office in London to see if they had i arrived, so asked if i could send the receipt in as proof, my partner faxed it to them i gave every number off the receipt to a guy on the phone he said thats all fine you will defo be reimbursed but it takes up to 30 days.

SO 30 days had passed and i phoned them again on the 23rd as i hadnt been reimbursed, they then said well it is coming up to xmas and new year so it will take a bit longer, so i waited till after new year and said i still hadnt received the money, they said ERM i think we told you 30 days it hasnt been 30 days yet, they were taking it from my phone call on the 23rd of December!!!! so i gave them til 30 days and phoned back as i still hadnt had my money they said that it was already at the second stage and should be in my account soon, today is 53 days and i phoned back, tthey are now telling me THEY HAVE NOT RECIEVED THE SPEAKERS!!!! i was like you have to be kidden me, they said you need to send the receipt in as we have no copy of it, i said you's already told me it was fine they said no you have to send it again or you wont get your money, theyre also now telling me i wont be reinbursed for the postage

IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ANGRY!!! me and my bf have just moved house we are absoloutly skint and really need that money and these fuckers are messing me about!!!

sorry had to get that off my chest thansk for listening! i will let you know how it goes

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