sick of sick!

my ds is 8 months and i offer him 3 bottles of 5oz a day, he normally takes about 3 or 4 oz (not enough but thats another issue!) the thing is he is sick after every one and sometimes a few hours after it! its never a lot but is driving me mad as i am changing his clothes 3 or 4 times a day as its really smelly sick!!! i changed him to follow on Aptimil 2 weeks ago to see if this improved things but it hasnt! he was never very sick when he was tiny but as he has got older he has been sick more and more! should i try a different milk or maybe move him onto full fat cows milk a bit early especially the small amount he is having each day!

would appreciate your advice ladies......


  • My friend has a very sicky baby and was advised to give him Aptamil Comfort, as it doesn't come back up as easily (or something!) Her LO is nearly five months so younger than yours.

    Might be worth a go?

    Have you introduced anyhitng new to his diet that might be causing it? You could ask your Dr for a referral to dietician?

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