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On the rare occation my pg brain works I had a thought. I don't want anyone to feel as if I'm putting a damper on this or trying to take over etc etc, as I think you are doing a fab job.

But my thought was cost. How are we going to pay for this?? I don't mean the cost itself as its too early for that but I mean a safe way to exchange moneys, especially due to certain not so nice people on here. I have no objection what so ever in paying my way as this is going to cost a bob or two, LoL. I only thought about it as we have to budget as it will be an over nighter for us.

I know this is an early post, but I am nesting and would not be able to rest till my thoughts were out in the open.



  • hun the idea is that we arent going to pay for it ourselves as thats verging on impossible for some. I have written to prima baby to ask if they'd be happy to sponser the event and am awaiting a reply! Gemzy has also contacted other baby product companies to see if they'd be willing to contribute in any way. Given that the event is for charity, i feel if are lucky enough to get funding/sponsership for the event i would hope all of the ladies and families who come along can dig into their pockets for the cause rather than to pay for the event itself.

    Of course it's all still a maybe and it pretty much depends on whether we can get help with costs!!

  • Hello LinzImc and Gemzy

    After I wrote this I was looking through threads and found the one about Charity, I hadn't seen it before. I was going to add a post and say ignore it but all it all started to happen here, then I forgot. LoL.

    X X X
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