I AM SOOOO ANGRY!!! (not baby related)

Hey ladies, i need to let off some steam before i explode!

As some of you may already know, i'm getting married next year and everything was going great.
We'd both picked the place we wanted it to take place and the colours we were having and then who goes and butts their nose in??? yes, the MOTHER IN LAW! Since finding out about us getting married she's never shut up. We told her that we had picked Tankersley Manor and even now she's phoning around places to go and check out even though we've said we are putting the deposit down on it and the end of this month. Then because the place is costing so much i asked if the bridesmaids could pay for their own dress as we would be paying for them to stop in the place for the night and use the spa the following day and all agreed happily but because she's got to pay for her daughters dress she's now making offers to people who are selling a few dresses in my colour so she doesn't have to buy new. I wouldn't mind but she doesn't have a clue what all my bridesmaids sizes are and not all of them may like these dresses she's trying to get. In the end i just told her to leave it to me and when i needed her i would ring. What annoys me the most is she thinks she can have her say on what happens on the day but all she is paying for is her daughters dress, some invitations, and the cars. Yes thats a lot but put it to the side of the amount my parents are paying for the place she has no rights to say anything. Especially when my parents aren't stinking their noses in and they are folking out a nearly ??5000. I sweear to god! mother in laws were sent to drive us to murder. lol

Sorry to ramble but i must admit i feel better for getting it off my chest.

Lisa xxx


  • Bloody Mother In Laws - mine is great 50% of the time but such a control freak. Thankfully she's not as bad with me as with my husbands brother's wife -i thinks its probably because i'm quite stubborn and stick to my guns with force and i think she's i bit scared as we once had a major fall out about baby names!!!!! Looking back it was funny but at the time i could have killed her and smiled whilst doing it!!! Anyway, whatever you do don't let her take over its your day not hers. Good Luck xxx
  • Another thing that annoys me about her is sometimes she doesn't even ask me about stuff and goes through my partner because she knows she can get more out of him. She rang him up last night asking if he'd take her to a wedding fayre at a place i'd never even heard of. I know most of these are just to give you ideas on cakes, cars, flowers, and stuff but she was actually wanting to go to check the place out so i shouted from the kitchen that i didn't want to go to no fayre at any other venue and that i we were going to one at Tankersley Manor in feb and she was welcome to come along but if she was going to start dictating she wouldn't have nothing to do with the wedding full stop. She doesn't seem to understand that we both want it at the Manor. You know the feeling you get when you try on your dress for the first time and you know its the one because it just feels right? we both got that feeling with this venue and don't plan on changing it just because its too far for her! She's going in one of the cars for f**ks sake! What else does she want? to get married there her bloody self!?! I swear i'm gonna turn up on the day and she will be the registrar that weds us. lol. If it wasn't for the oh she seriously wouldn't be even coming.

    Sorry again for the ramble but she is driving me to insanity. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • I know what you mean about the MIL. We were lucky in somes ways that we paid for the wedding ourselves. We knew that his mum would try to take over the whole thing so we booked everything before we even told her we were getting married!

    One of the problems is that she is very religious (Irish Roman Catholic) and neither of us are at all so we knew we would have to get everything sorted before she got involved. As it was she tried to butt in and change things on the run up but we just ignored her!

    Our wedding was very non-traditional in some ways and very traditional in others. It was the perfect wedding for us, which was fantastic. Don't let anyone tell you what to do, it's your day so do it the way you and OH want if your MIL doesn't like it that's her problem!

    Hope it all works out for you and you get the day you want.

    Best of luck
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