what happens at your 6 week check up?

just wondering really as me and lo have a 6 week check up soon, do they check my stitches? im just a bit nervous about taking the baby to the appointment and then them making me hop on the bed to check me out without hubby there to deal with the baby? stupid i know :roll:


  • My GP did full check on lo and just had a chat with me about how I was coping. I didn't have any sort of examination, I had to have a c sec and they didn't even check to see how I was healing.
  • At my one, DS had a full check with one doctor and I had to see a different one. Again it was mainly a chat, but she did check my c section scar. She also talked about contraception.
  • Mine didn't examine me either. Didn't even take my bp and I'd had high bp all through pg. Didn't really see the point of it - probably just form filling to follow correct 'procedure'. Had to see the nurse to discuss contraception.
  • At mine they do a 6 week check for mum and an 8 week check (incl jabs) for LO - they didn't do both at the same time. Mine was just a chat - basically just about contraception and a general chat which was a thinly veiled check to look for symptoms of PND! She offered to check my stitches but I didn't need it.
  • thanks ladies, that doesnt sound too bad lol
  • at mone it was 6 week check for mum and 8 week check (inc jabs) for ds, my 6 week check got cancelled tho and didn't get it again until 12 weeks, was a complete waste of time tho, considering i had an em c section she didn't even check my scar until i asked her too just as she was ushering me away. she took bp and weighed me, asked how i was feeling and then said if i did feel ill or feel down or depressed to speak to my gp, so she wasn't actually doing anything other than bp and weight...next time i won't bother and i'll jsut make an appointment for my gp, cos if there is somehting up u have to see them anyway...x
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