For those of you with 2 children,do you think i'll need...

a double pushchair?
My ds will be 3 when baby arrives in July.I'm hoping to use a sling with the baby and use my ds's pushchair if and when he needs it.I am also considering buying a buggy board when we take baby out in the travel system.Just wondered what your thoughts were? Thanks in advance,xx

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  • I think you could probably manage without a double. I've got 22 months between mine and there is no way I could have managed without but Millie is 2 1/2 now and I use the double less and less. The buggy board ia a good idea, I use mine loads. If I were you I definately wouldn't buy a double, if once baby arrives you think you need one you can always get one then but I think you will be ok without.
  • Thanks Bedhead,by the way is it you who makes the slings?!! x
  • hi, freya was 3 when lolah was born, and we didnt bother with a double buggy, we bought a sling and whenever we we're out if freya gets tired she can go in the pushchair. xxx
  • Yep, that's me image If you want to have a look the website is I've got some more fabrics to add on when I get the photo's taken as well
  • i would say not, my son was 2 years 10 months when my daughter was born and i always just had her travel system, but then he has walked every where since he was around 18 month old he hated being in the pushchair. my daughter was lazy she loved her so we had a pushchair for the car and the travel system for out and about when at home. thankfully she was out of it completely just after she turned 3 and our son was born when she was 3 years 9 months.
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