Waking in the early hours (also in BIA)

Hello Ladies,

I have been very lucky in the fact that my DD has pretty much slept through the night from about 8 weeks. She is now 14 weeks and over the last 5 days has been waking up several times from about 3am onwards (although this morning is was from 2am). I don't think she is actually awake and it's not proper crying, it's more like grumbling and short crying out spells. All I do is make sure she has her muslin square in her arms (as she loves to cuddle it) and give her back her dummy. But as soon as she starts falling back to sleep and her dummy falls out it starts again. Yesterday, I got up about 10 times to put her dummy back in. She never opens her eyes so she is not fully awake. I don't think it's hunger because she normally gets up between 6 & 6.30 and by the time I've heated her feed and changed her nappy she is ready to be fed because she starts showing signs of hunger (getting grisley, chewing on her hands). She's well structured in her routine, playtime, bath time, bottle and bed (and I always put her down awake and she is very good at getting herself to sleep). She goes down about 8.30pm - 9.00pm.

Is there anything I'm not doing wrong or should change? Or does anyone have any suggestions / advice?



  • hi,

    maybe she is dreaming? my lo did this for a few weeks when he was about 4 months old, he would cry but eyes still closed...or maybe its just because her dummy came out? my lo didnt have a dummy so i dont know...my lo is 9 months old now and he goes through fazes (sp) of not sleeping through the night, also she could be teething although its quite early? my lo is teething now so lots of sleepless nights. if you think she is teething or feeling unwell you could try giving some calpol? hope things get better soon.

    p.s you are very lucky that she slept through from 8 weeks!

    ashy xximage
  • Hi - I don't really have any advice i'm afraid but my son started doing this at about 12 weeks too (having slept well waking only once/twice a night for a good few weeks). He would sleep 7pm - 2amish and then proceed to 'wake up' every 30/40 minutes until we got up but he wasn't hungry or even fully awake - just needed his dummy putting back in and he was back asleep but I was still having to walk backwards and forwards to his nursery 10 x a night. After 10 weeks he all of a sudden stopped his tirade of continually waking and began sleeping through (and still does at nearly 7 months). After about 8 weeks of him not sleeping I stopped giving him his dummy when he was going to sleep. It took him longer to settle to start with but my thinking was that if I could remove the connection between sleep and his dummy he wouldn't wake so often. I don't know if this is what stopped him waking and crying or whether it was just a phase (which is what I suspect) but it won't last forever and hopefully it's just a short phase for you xx
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