How to wake a sleeping baby???

On some occassions Charlie will fall asleep early evening and sleep for ages and then won't settle well at night. I've read that you should try and wake your baby if they are sleeping for long periods to encourage better sleeping at night but how do you wake them?

tonight Charlie fell asleep about 3.30ish, he woke crying for a bottle a 6pm but after an oz fell asleep so i tried to wake him by stripping him off, bathing him and changing his nappy but he fell straight back to sleep, i tried to offer him his bottle but was just not interested and is still asleep now at 9pm. So apart from waking briefly for 10-15mins he's been asleep 51/2 hours which means im in for a rough night and im already exhausted!!

Any ideas how to encourage him to stay awake more earlier in the day or how i can get him in a good routine as nothing seems to be falling into place like people said it would. i've no idea when his feeds are due as he can go anything from 2.30 hours + and like i said its impossible to wake him, please help!

btw he's nine weeks so am i expecting too much from him or is it possible to get some kind of routine going?


  • hi funcky monkey, i had that problem with ryan at that age, he is 6 months now.
    I just tried as hard as i could to keep him awake by playing with him and making the place loud like with music or switching the baby tv channel on sky which he seemed to like from an early age (not gonna be fun trying to get him out of that when hes older though, lol)
    In the end though at about 12 weeks or so i found he kind of just dropped into his own routine.

    Goodluck, it will fall into place in the end, dont forget your lo is still quite young, probably still learning the diffenrence between night and day.

  • Hi

    Have you tried dream feeding him? the milk has to be nice and warm and keep the room dark but it might give you a few more hours sleep. i always found stroking by their ear encourages their sucking reflex and gets them to take a bit more

    I agree with icequeen, noise during the day def helps. this lo fell into a routine as there was so much noise going on from my other 2 that he was kept awake and then was so tired by 6pm.

  • i took davids nappy off to wake him, tickled his feet etc, saying that he still has a nap from 6-7 and doesnt go down till 10 lol- but that works for me!
  • i agree with tallkatie. if you try to get him to sleep about 1-2 then after 2 hours if he hasnt woken, do your best to wake him, wait till he's quite well roused then feed him then play. though this is hard when theyre not taking much interest. try lying him on the floor instead of holding him, lying alongside him and playing.
    if you can try to get him to sleep earlier in the day then he might not be quite so tired at tea time.
    cameron gets up at 7 he used to have two long day time naps and one cat nap at tea time then be in bed for 7. his routine has changed slightly to drop that cat nap now but he's 7 months now.
    thinking about it though he did used to sleep whenever he liked when he was tiny, he only settled into a better nap routine when i started putting him to bed awake for naps instead of waiting till he dropped off.
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