Baby Baggage Allowance

... anyone know what baby baggage allowance is? Flying to menorca..... my allowance is 20kg and have no idea how much can take for jake......


  • If you paid for a seat for him 20kg, if you didnt then nothing. You may be able to pay to up your allowance though.
  • hi hun how old is he? if he is under 2 and flying for free then u dont get a baggage alllowence for him unless u pay extra ....check with ure airline but im pretty sure there all the same ....we took jack at 10 months and 23 months and got no extra for him just had to share it betwen ours xxx
  • OHHH NOOOO!! Jake will be 7 months when we travel, i have paid for a seat belt.
    booo thats so rubbish.
  • Hi,
    Think you'll find new allowances will give you 10kg!! Thomsons say they are putting it in in May but when I rang about my hol in March they said they are bringing it in early!! And pushchair is free!!
    Lydia xx
  • Just checked on thomsons website, will be 10kg from may onwards!!! thats excellent news
    thanks girlies ximage
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