Anyone with a 6lb baby?

Just wondered what feeding schedule you are on and if you are waking your little one in the day and at the night? We are currently on 3 hourly feeds and am waking her but the other night I slept through my 3am alarm (!!!) and didnt feed her till 5 (since midnight) - I'm so sure she would sleep longer and that actually that would give her more energy to take more in the day as her night feeds she rarely takes much. SO I'm thinking maybe go 3 hourly in the day and 4 hourly on the night? Thanks x


  • my baby was 5lb 12oz so can relate! how old is she?
  • how old is she and who suggested waking her??
  • my baby was born at 6,15 but dropped quite alot and was slow to put on. We were told to feed 3hrly. The odd occation when she slept longer than 3hrs, I let her, mostly becasue I think she needed the sleep (as did I) and that it happened so rarely.

    Im sure 4hrly at night would be fine, and i guess you are keeping a close eye on her weight gain?!

    Em x
  • DD was 5lb15oz. We were advised to feed her 2 hourly to begin with to keep her blood sugar levels up. After about 2 weeks, the midwives were happy for us to move 3 hourly and then on demand. How is her weight gain? x
  • dd was 6,14 when she was born and we werent advised anything like this, we fed her when she woke for her feed which was just every four hours.
  • Thanks everyone. Its a bit of a different one because she was 9 weeks prem - but she is now 11 weeks and has almost doubled her birthweight so is gaining really well. Its the HV sayin wake her but I really just want to trust my instincts as I think she'll have more energy to take more in the day - just worried about her getting dehydrated or bloody sugar dropping really. x
  • i think maybe see how long she will go without waking, if it goes beyond 5 hours then i would wake her and stick with the 3 hourly during the day, if she is gaining well then sleep is obviously what she wants! x x
  • My DD was 4wks early, weighing 5.10 but dropped quickly to 4.15 - we were advised to give 3hrly feeds but when my midwife discharged us when she was about 2wks old she told us not to wake her for a feed but not to go longer than 6hrs - so i started feeding every 4hrs in day and let her go as long as she wanted at night (but no longer than 6hrs) and it was bliss getting a 6hr straight sleep and DD defo drank better in the day too. She was never a big drinker before this. Hope this helps.
  • Really helpful thank you ever so much - gonna see what happens tonight!! x
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