Right this is WAR

We put Tom in a bed so Archie could have his cot. We have been playing the in/out game every night but found by turning the landing lights out and shutting the doors he soon got bored and was only running about for 10 mins or so.
Last night I forgot to shut our bedroom door- big mistake- when we went to bed we found he had tipped a pint of water on daddy's side and a bottle of water on mine. Bed soaked through- ended up turning the mattress and hunting out an old duvet!
Seems he is playing games as this morning he pretended not to know anything about it (he is nearly 2!!).


  • OMG!

    What a little tinker!!! he he he...x :lol:
  • What a little monkey. Funny though, but not for you when you went to be I'm sure. S x
  • Oh no, well he has character and ingenuity that should serve him well through life. image

  • omg hun,lol(sorry)
    oliver is the same if i forget to turn lights out. i have gone to put evie in her cot before to find oliver fast asleep in it! had numerous toys sharing my bed and make up brushes put down the loo!
  • haha, oh sorry i know its not funny for you...but as an outsider its quite amusing! what a tinker!! x
  • Haha think I'll add a few chillis to his dinner and put a wet towel in his bed tonight !!!
  • Flippin' heck! I have all this to come and I would stake me house on the fact Alf will be just the same! It's def not funny...not funny at all...nothing funny on this post...honest!xx
  • Sorry, will post a reasonable response when I have stopped giggling - little terror!

  • oh no the lil terror lol x
  • Lol and now the fun and games really start x
  • Hee hee, we predicted this with DS when he went into a bed about a year ago and put a safety gate on his bedroom door!! Discovered the other morning that he can now open the gate himself. I say morning, it was actually 2.06am and when he crept into our bedroom and started whispering in my ear that he was thirsty and prodding me. I jumped out of my skin and hid under the duvet (cos we all know that keeps us safe lol) whilst OH sorted our "intruder"
    Aren't kids ace?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!:lol:
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