Has yours had them or not?

Gracie has had the first lot and due the second lot and i'm always getting it drilled into my head how important it is to have them and for them to be on time but mine are late this time. I know she'll be ok and thats not the reason i started this. What i'm wanting to know is if any of the mums on here have chose not to let their child have the injections and if its effected the child in any way? I plan on her having all of them but i was just wondering if there is any child or even adult (if their parents told them) that never had them and if they have ended up with the mumps or any of the others.

Strange topic i know, lol. Just curious.

Lisa xxx


  • Well it's going back a long way now, but I'm the youngest of 4 and my oldest brother reacted to one of his injections. So my next brother didn't have them (or didn't have all of them, I'm not quite sure). They got whooping cough, only mildly as they were about 6 and 7 at the time, but they gave it to me when I was about a week old. I was really ill with it, and so was my sister who was nearly three, my mum must have had a horrific time!
    So even though I was too young to have had the injection at the time, I was affected by people in my family not having it.
  • mine have had all of them that they cab have so far, as what they could get from not having them is a lot worse.
    Also if you havent had them then your kid gets them they can have a really bad reaction, so if your kid dosny get them but your grand children do then the could have a bad reaction.
    My little neice ended up in hospital after hers because her mum had never had any of them x
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