I am sick of it

I am sick of hearing about little toddlers being beaten to death. Why the heck isn't anything done to protect them. That poor little boy with herorin addict parents is the latest to die prematurely due to sick sick monsters. So sad, sorry just had to get that off my chest I really and sick of it happening :cry:


  • I know what you mean, it's doing my head in as well.... and the 8 mnth old left in the train station image

    Poor babies image
  • I havent heard this story...not sure I'd want to though. Its getting really upsetting now. Poor innocent babies :cry:

  • if a story comes on the news like this i have to turn over as it makes me cry and even more so now as ive got LO's i just dont understand how ppl can be like that to your own flesh and blood

  • The problem is they just dont have the homes for the children to go to, my mum was a foster parent before she retired, and at one time she had 15 children in her house there was only 11 when we went to bed that night. she had 5 of her own then adopted me, then 4 years later my now little sister, in 15 years she took in 47 children most of them long term.
    Social services always seem to go from one extreme to the other, either not removing children when they really need it, or taking them away from parents when not needed. this is what happened with me, i had a spiteful vindictive bitch of a mother who never wanted me and didn't want my father to have me and told loads of lies about him, and no matter how many things were proven wrong they refused to give me back to my dad till it got to the point that the courts said i was i had been away so long that it wouldn't be good for me to go back as i was not happy where i was, when i was 18 i tracked my mum down as i never really knew what was going on or what was true and what was lie.
    I soon learnt for my self what kind of person she really is after she went around telling people lies about me. and everyone else i know and love.
    When i was little she pushed my dad down the stairs with me in her arms, and started kicking him not caring that i was there.

  • I make myself watch the news and it does make me cry but it makes me cherish my lo even more-if that's possible.
    It frightens me how people think its easy to have a baby and so far this is the hardest thing I have ever done. Also I can't imagine what the hell has happened to people to be capable of hurting a defencless child and feeling nothing. Why don't they feel guilt? What has been done to them to stop them feeling empathy or sympathy?
    I wish I was strong enough to go into a job like social work to help but I struggle being a teacher getting involved, let alone being a social worker. Just wish there was more we can do to prevent children from being in such dangerous situations in the first place. x
  • Has anyone got a link to this story?

  • Jodie sorry to hear you mother was so bad to you and your dad. I know a lady who was a social worker and she just couldn't carry on with the job as she found it hard to sleep at night with some things she saw. It wasn't bad ALL the time, but when it was bad, she couldn't cope with it. Like a little boy who was neglected and when she spoke to him in private, he would tell her that when he came home from school, he'd go straight upstairs to his room and stay there all night til morning to avoid being shouted at and abused. He must've been so hungry by the morning. Why wasn't be taken away?? It makes me so angry cuz these type of low-lifes go on to have more kids. Why don't they sterilise them? imo - if you abuse a child, you don't deserve any second chances. xox
  • I try and avoid these stories as they make me feel so sick :\( Poor child. I agree I don't understand why these people can have more children. Also, anyone remember when social services said that a guy was too fat to adopt a child?! Yet they dont do enough for children who could genuinely do with a loving home

  • As a teacher when we have concerns over a child or family there are procedures to follow and I've found in the past it so distressing sending children home knowing things aren't as they should be as you can't step in. I hope no one thinks I meant people who caliously murder babies and children deserve a second chance as that could not be further from the truth. I just wonder what the hell happened to them to make them so very, very sick in the head. x
  • My sister's a teacher (2 years) and has never come across an abused child, touch wood it never happens. I couldn't imagine what drives them to do that, but if I were prime minister, I'd see to it that they never get any sympathy and they get the same treatment they inflicted upon the child. They don't even deserve to come back into society after their sentence. It just isn't right, an innocent child's life is taken and they get to live, it's not right. xox
  • i know i could hardly sleep at night growing up, as when kids came to stay with us it was always me they talked to not my parents of the social workers so i heard it all. if i felt my parents needed to know i would convince them to tell them or i would, i just never could understand how ppl can treat there own children in such ways and now that i have my own children im even more confused the thought of anyone doing anything to hurt my kids makes me physically sick.
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