ive never been so frightened in my life *update FFS!!!*

We swaddled Riley for the first time tonight and put him up in his nursery while we put a film on downstairs. I was concerned about the temp in the nursery so I went up to check up on him and I think he really loves the swaddle and it put him in such a deep sleep I touched him and he didn't move so I poked him abit and nothing! The nursery was dark and I couldn't see or hear him breathing so I frantically ripped the swaddle off I screamed for russ and woke poor Riley up, russ came up white as a sheet looking like he was about to die on the spot, riley started crying and I just sobbed!

It was the most horrendous few seconds of my life!


Took Riley to the doctors as he sicked up lime green bile this morning, she checked him over and couldn't see any sign of illness or infection but said she could hear a heart murmur!
I know these are common and usually fix themselves but after Riley being diagnosed with PKU *a condition that makes him intolerant to most foods* I just feel like I pick myself up and get slammed in the face again image

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  • I don't swaddle, but I can imagine how scary that must have been. Especially with the heat, when it's drummed in to us, to keep babies cool. Not to make light of it, but poor baby must have wondered what on earth was going on. Mummy wrapped me up lovely, I get all nice and asleep, then I'm woken suddenly. Bless you all. Much better to check, than not hun. Hopefully tonight, you'll be able to take that extra second to touch the chest, and feel for breath. But I think most of us have at least prodded our sleeping baby! :lol: xx
  • My day just gets worse! He threw up this morning and it had bright green smears in it so I googled and all that came back was to seek medical attention for possible intestine obstruction!! He's not poo'd for what will be 4 days after today sso now I'm panicking just waiting for the doctors to open.
  • Hey sweety..you don't say how old Riley is but I'm guessing he's pretty young? Pooey nappies can ranger from four a day to one a week so please don't get too upset! Mucusy sick does happen esp in the first month after birth because they're sicking up the gunk from their birth.

    I know your mind must be going a mile and minute and I must say google is EVIL when you're a first time mother!

    On the other hand, if you feel that Riley is constipated or uncomfortable in any way and you feel the doctor is bein submissive yet you're instinct is telling you otherwise, I'd seek further advice. My friends baby had a twisted bowel which is slightly similar but she was very very poorly

    Hth x
  • Oh no Kayleighcakes, bless ya.
    There is always something to worry about with the little men...but 9 times out of 10 its nothing to worry about.
    If I were you I would not believe all I read on Google..easier said than done though when you worried.
    Is Riley being breastfed? If he is remember they can go up to around 10 days without passing a poo with no problems.
    I hope the doctor reassures you that nothing is wrong xx
  • Hi thank you for your replies, Riley is 7+2 and bottle fed, he has PKU but I don't think that will have anything to do with it, it will affect the medication he can take though. He normally poo's every other day. His appt is at 11:10 but time is dragging so slowly!
  • Hi

    regarding the swaddling, Tyler used to go into such a deep sleep that it was difficult to wake him, and on two occasions set off the motion sensor alarm which frightened the life out of us. He has in the last week decided to ditch the swaddle as he was breaking out of it and rolling onto his front. Maybe worth investing in a sensor monitor to ease your fears abit ?

    Have you take his temp ? How did you get on in the dr's ?

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