mini pill and prob a bit tmi

hi all,i take noriday and have never had any problems..or periods!
i have been on this since after having ryan.
early feb i had tonsillitis and was onpenicillin, which makes pill inactive, andalso forgot to take it a few times. have since had 2light periods while taking pill regularly again (only forgot when bed bound was so ill).
anyway todai am bleeding again and having cramps. it is also dark blood. i was thinkin yesterday to do a test as been having lots of discharge and mild cramping like in eatly pg, but not sure now.
what does everyone think? isit just a period or should i buy a test (am skint so dunno if it worth it if it could be too early etc... oh and the doc said use extra protection for 11 days after penicillin, obv got caught up in the moment and didnt.
please offer any thoughts and thanks for reading


  • thanks very much rach
    ur right bout pill might go on normal one again.

    curiosity won and i tested. negative. so think its just a random period. but if its gonna start hurting again im going back on proper pill!

    thanks again
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