what age for a bed?

hi girls, i should maybe have posted this in toddler but it is usually quiet and often doesnt even show up on the list.

What sort of age is usual for changing from a cot to a bed?


  • not too sure myself either so will watch this topic for replies...

    Ollie is 19 months old and there's no way he could go into a bed yet - we were thinking as long as he's in a bed by the time the new baby goes into the cot it should be ok (they'll be sharing a room) which would make him 28 months at the latest - but I was hoping to use some of those grow bag duvets set things to try to stop him getting out of bed at night :lol:
  • We are going to try Tom in a bed next month when he'll be 22 months. Earlier than necessary but M&S had matresses on offer and we've nowhere to store them!
  • ooo stephe i've not heard of those before but they sounds great! i know evie will be able to climb out of a bed and she'd no doubt start playing with her toys in the middle of the night! lol x
  • We moved Millie at about 18 months and we had no problems at all. She never gets out of bed at night and has only just started getting herself up in the morning, untill a week or two ago she just used to lie in bed and shout untill we fetched her!! (she is nearly 2 1/2 now)
    We bought Millie a quilt and pillow for the cot a few weeks before moving her and let her get used to those first. She loves her bed, if we joke about us sleeping in it she gets really cross :lol:
  • Both of mine were put in to beds when they started attempting to climb out of the cot, so my oldest was 2, and my youngest was 15 months! They both had bed guards (in fact they both still do and they are 6 and 3 now) and apart from the youngest pushing his luck at first and getting out, we kept putting him back, and within a week he slept fine in there. In fact the problem now is getting them both out in the mornings!!
  • Molly was 16 months and Charlotte 20 months. They both had learnt to climb out, so it was the safest thing really. I made sure there was a mattress on the floor too incase they fell out. I think Molly only ever fell out once! Charlotte did a few times but she only 'rolled' onto the mattress on the floor so she couldnt even tell the difference,. They both went into toddler beds (took the sides off cotbed) which I think makes the transition a little easier than from cot to adult single bed.
  • unless the little on is climbing out of the cot i would weight intill 2 years old
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