One of those days!

I hve had the most stressful day so I thought I'd tell you ladies about it while having a good cry!!
Nothing majors happens but it just seems like everything I against me today!

First of all last night asda delivered my shopping...with ??6 worth missing! N now won't answer their phone or email back!

Elliott refuses to nap...with 2 hours of screaming at each nap time (opposed to being able to leave him to self settle which I normally can so we had 2 hours each time if reverting back to pick up put down)

I dropped a large glass plate on my foot and it smashed..bringing with it the empy wine bottle on the side...luckily I didn't cut myself (not sure how I didn't cut myself)

made elliotts dinner and then dropped it all over the floor!

Hubbys gone for a pint with his mate straight from work so I don't have anyone to give mr a hug image

virtual ones please?! :'(


Edited to say sorry about grammer and spelling .. my phones an arse!!! X

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  • oh no!!!! Poor thing. I hate days like that.

  • Aww PB, I know the feeling when you have one of those rubbish days and it all comes at once.

    Sending you huge virtual hugs, and tell that hubby of yours to stop on the way back from the pub and buy you wine and chocolate.

    Tomorrow will be much better I'm sure!!
  • Tomorrow will be a brighter day. image
  • Aww PB, ill never forget the one crappy day I had when I pregnant. I smahed a glass, full of juice all over the kitchen with the hoover pipe. The bin bag ripped open emptying rubbish onto the kitchen floor, and I tried to cook a stew and all the veggies got stuck to the bottom and turned to slop (how I managed that ill never know) and due to my hormonal state, I didnt get over it lightly. Hubby suffered the brunt end of it and I was miserable all night. Hope you feel better soon and Elliott settles for you tomorrow!

    E x
  • Ahhh hun, sending you big hugs! hope elliott has a better day tomorrow too xxx
  • Lol I remember that day of yours too!! I don't think I could have handled all that while pregnant!! Lol

    well I think he must have known mummy couldn't handle anymore a he settled himself within 5mins tonight, i honestly don't think I could have handled another 2 hours of screaming

    Thanks girls!

    And grizzlechops- Ive got a whole choc roulade in the fridge for tonight haha! And the inbetweeners coming back in tonight will definatly cheer me up image
  • big massive hugs and a kiss to you xx hope tomorrow is a better day, get the blackout blinds btw i think this has been a big impact for reece.

    looking forward to the inbetweeners too lol enjoy your choccie while watching it xx
  • Thanks again girlies!!!

    I should have known today was going to be bad this morning when I had been walking round the house for at least an hour before I realised I o ly had one slipper on lol! Xx
  • Ah poor PB, we all have them *hugs*.
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