should i shouldnt i?

well i have been invited to a family do tomorow monday, it is quite a long trek in the car, we were all invited but my son has a broken leg he is 14 and my oh works from home and has to stay and look after my son, anyway i was had it all in my mind me and my 3 girls age 10, 15 and lacey who is 20wks today! but after mulling it over my oh said i could leave lacey with him and my son at home, also mil telling me oh i wouldnt drive all that way with her, and scaring the hell out of me as i dont do a lot of long distance driving, and i have never driven there before, so i thought yea would be easier but now i am not too sure if i can leave her all day!! from early morning to late night? i know she is at home with her daddy and brother and she wont be stuck in the car for a 300 mile round trip, but i just wonder if i will miss her so much it will ruin my day anyway? i am serioulsy thinking about not even going as i am in such a pickle about it, i dont go out very often infact befoe i was preg with lacey i only went out once in god knows how long, i dont know what to do, please help me! xxx


  • Take Lacey with you! At 20 wks my DS would have happily slept in the car for that kind of journey length!

    Then everyone gets to coo over her too!
  • I often leave Gabe at home with oh or mil if I have family stuff to go to or want to go out. He is 15 months though. I didn't leave him at all when he was younger as I did miss him a lot. It is totally up to you hon. Personally I would leave her at home, it means you have more freedom when you're there, and she won't get upset when driving. I have a long drive today too to my mum's 54th and I am taking Gabe but will have my sis (19) to entertain him! xxx
  • thanks the thing is lacey hates being in her car seat, she really hates it after a while she settles but if i have ever been in the car longer than 40 mins she starts screaming, and i am not going to be able to hand her to daddy so i will prob have her hanging off my hip all day, such a difficult desicion to make, am i just taking her to ease my mind? should i leave her at home wioth her toys and her happy routine? or would she enjoy all the attention of the family? artgggggggggggggghhhhhh driving me mad!
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