Finger Foods! :D

Hey Girls!

I know this was posted not that long ago, but silly me didn't think to read it, as well I don't know why! But I just thought it would be ages & ages away as Charlie was even gagging on lumpy stuff (not that I think it's really that apealling - Mmm lumpy dinner! :lol: )

So we've been on puree'd foods, but since he has these two bottom teeth pop up just over a week ago (as if teething we're that easy :lol: ) He seems quite happy to munch finger foods but still is not keen on the lumpier - only textured..

So I was thinking maybe by-pass the lumps right on to finger food.. However I need your lovely help girls with varity..

I've given him

*Bread with unsalted butter
*organix carrot stick thingy's
*peas (which he mainly chased around the tray :lol: )

but he hadn't really been intrested, well that is untill this week.. so what can I give him?

Also I am worried about him getting enough as normally he eats quite a bit but maybe finger food would be a bit more filling and more work to eat so maybe needs less?

I know I can give him cooled cooked broccilli, cauli and carrot sticks..

Thanks Huns! x

P.S what sort of things can I put in sandwhiches? I used Cheese this evening but what else can he have? & do you give open sandwhiches - as I gave him a closed one and he did manage to eat almost 3 quarders with the crusts cut off - but seemed to be a lot of bread and so little filling! :lol:

Ta me ladies! xx


  • :lol: oh that's alright hun - I had to do the same as it was 30 mins after Charlie's dinner time and I was naughty and came on here instead! tut tut! lol x
  • :lol: oh that's alright hun - I had to do the same as it was 30 mins after Charlie's dinner time and I was naughty and came on here instead! tut tut! lol x
  • Hi,
    Alf likes green beans steamed (have to say so do I!), melon sticks,papaya and mago slices too, bannana slices, frozen sweetcorn and peppers. Can't think of anymore but will get thinking!
    Maybe bannana in sarnies too? Annabel do dah says tuna and egg are good sarnie fillers too. Anyway hth x
  • 'Annabel do dah' :lol: love it! Thanks - yeah was a bit worried about giving him eggs/bananas as he gets constipated.. but I don't eat fish so didn't even think of tuna - great idea - do I have to put anything on it like into it? x
  • Have to say I wondered about adding stuff to tuna as I always do. Will have a look and get back to you!
    Couldn't think of the womans last name-brain like a sieve me!! Rice cakes is a good idea have bought some baby ones-what do you use baby or adult ones ILoveMyGeek?x
  • Banana sandwiches is a good one though havent tried this. Gabe loves cheese spread on sandwiches or toast!
  • Hey ILoveMyGeek,
    No word of a lie I spent and hour and a half last night doing our food order for Friday from Sainsbury's last night. I was checking the salt and sugar content on all sorts as hv said yesterday he needs to move on to family food (he's 6 months and 2 weeks). Can't believe what has added stuff in it so I guess adult rice cakes might have extra 'bits' added to it.Just oh being tight as he says baby stuff is sooooo expensive!x
  • :lol: my hubbie calls her Annabel Caramel but I like annabel doodah too!! :lol:

    Things Max likes as finger food:

    Sandwiches - cheese, ham, turkey, pickled beetroot, cheese spread, jam, tuna mayo, egg mayo
    Toast - cheese on toast, cheese spread, jam
    baby courgette (LOVES IT)
    Broad beans
    the organix crisp things
    Tangerine segments
    tinned fruit (in juice not syrup) sliced
    Kids biccies

    God loads of stuff - to start with I always gave him finger food ALONG with a spoon fed thing as he made a load of mess and I was never sure how much he actually ate but now he's older he has a figner food meal on it's own if you get me! My piccie is him having his FIRST EVER SANDWICH! image
  • Thank you lovely ladies! x
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