Dry skin on newborn!

Hi all,

Eve is 8 days old and has a bit of dry skin, we are only bathing her every other day and just cleaning her with warm water and cottom wool inbetween! I've been told we shouldn't use baby lotion on such a young baby but wondered if there was anything I could put on her sking to stop the dryness?



  • Olive oil. It's fab and works wonders xx
  • At our hospital we were given lots of aqueous cream for dry skin - worked wonders on Oskar. Already hadf it in house for ds1 so really convenient but I know not everyone likes it.
  • Totally third the olive oil. Works wonders, zilch chemicals. Take some time after her bath, have the room warm, dim the lights, massage it in gently - it's such a lovely bonding thing for you both. Or get Dad to do it, especially if you are breastfeeding, DH always does the kids baths and massages, it's his 'thing' with them.

    Put some baby lotion on your stitches, see how much it stings, it will put you off ever putting it near a delicate baby!
  • Hi. I used olive oil once and while it was fine and did the job i found it a little greasy. A midwife recommended grapeseed oil. They use it in baby massage apparently. I love it and it sinks into the skin lovely without the greasyness.
  • I just can't stand the smell of olive oil so that put sme off. Jason has dry skin in the creases of his ankles and wrists and I have been using plain vaseline and it seems to be doing the trick.
  • sunflower or olive oil, its the closest to the oil ur skin naturally produces so the least likely to cause a reaction, works wonders and is fab fro cradle cap too. the dry/peely skin is jsut their skin getting used to washing powder, dusts and just air in general really. xx
  • I used olive oil too, but actually found my trusty bottle of bio oil came in handy and worked a treat! x
  • I used Olive oil too. Hate the smell but it works.

  • Grapeseed oil is fab! x
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