what do you do with lo when..

your in the bath/shower?

i have grace in her seat in the bathroom with me, i just give her lots of toys to keep her occupied.

what about when they can walk???



  • I shut Charlotte in our bedroom as we have an en-suite shower room. I leave the door to the room open so when I'm in the shower Charlotte crawls about everywhere & bangs on the shower cubicle door!
  • I do the same as ccbmommy, if Evie's not in nursery then she keeps Kyra occupied otherwise I'll pile loads of toys into her lap while I scub myself down! xox
  • i usually put jack in his cot with his toys, he usually gets bored after 5 minutes but i'm in and out in a flash now, my friend was round the other day and said i can't believe how quickly you get ready - don't have any time to get ready since i've had lo!!!
  • I try and avoid having a shower when I'm on my own, I have it the night before, but if I really need to I wait untill Barney is down for his first nap and take Millie in the shower with me!! Can't trust her to stay in our bedroom without trying on all my face cream and make up :lol:
  • Amber lies a mat and has a toy or to be honest she loves just kicking on the floor anyway and is happy while I wash my hair and that, I couldnt survive if I didnt have a shower every morning keeps me fresh and alert lol!!

    I have no choice but to get on with it as I am on my own with Amber a lot as hubby is in the army image xxx
  • Our bathroom is down stairs so I just leave the bathroom door open so I can see and hear her crawling around, I usually end up have a shower with alot of her toys, but atleat they get a clean lol. Before we moved house I used to just close the stair gate and our bedroom door and let her crawl around. But if all that fails and I have nothing planned for the day I either don't bother till bed time or wait till she is having a nap.
  • i either take cameron in the bathroom with a pile of toys (although he prefers to just watch the water) or shower while he's having his mornin nap or get showered before oh leaves the house...all depends on what the day brings x
  • depends on the time really.

    If its in the morning and she's asleep i'll put her in her cot in my bedroom while in shower and keep door open so i can here her. If she's awake i'll stick her in her bumbo or jumperoo just outside the bathroom and she'll happily play and watch me sing away in the shower. I also have Ethan to help if its not a nursery day.

    If its night time i'll obviously get oh to watch her while i go in bath/shower. May even take her in with me too. Has actually turned into one big family bath once though because Ethan got in then shouted oh up which meant i was stuck in a corner with Grace on my knee kicking away, Ethan poking me with his feet trying to swim! lol, and oh's foot up my ass or something. lol. So not fun!

    Lisa xxx
  • I have a bath when erin's having a nap don't have a shower image
  • I have a bath when erin's having a nap don't have a shower image
  • i always have a shower at night when he's in bed but if i wake up and my hair is greasy then i just quickly wash it while he's playing on the floor, i live in a flat so i'm not far away from him and i leave the door open x
  • I put him in his cot with a toy or 2 and leve dorr between bedroom and bathroom open so I can hear him. The bathroom has a really loud fan when the light is switched on. hubby laughs at me cos I shower in the dark.Otherwise I wouldn't be able to hear Archie. S x
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