umbilical hernia

i my lo has a umbilical hernia and has alot of smelly wind my doc has refurred her already but reading about it most babies are not refurred any idea why my lo has been any one else had this


  • I'm sorry you and your lo have this worry. With a hernia, there's the possibility it could become strangulated. Meaning the blood supply becomes compromised. But it might not be because of this concern. As your GP has all the details, and has seen lo. They could be being cautious, or would just prefer a second opinion from the specialists. At the end of the day everything will probably be fine, but it's best to be seen. Sooner rather than later just means it can all be sorted out quicker. If lo needs an operation, it's scary, but it's a very common procedure, and recovery is usually quick. HTH. xx
  • My LO was born with an umbilical hernia. I never remember the HV's or doctors being that worried about it tbh. I was told most went away quite often of their own accord by around 6 months old or so, and this was exactly what happened fortunately! How old is your LO?

    That said DD does still have a small hernia there, and I know they operate around the age of 5 or 6 generally if it's still too large. Guessing DD's will be followed up if necessary in time?


    Iz & Skye x

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