Whats wrong with her? Worrying me!!

Hi Girls,

I have had a bit of a nightmare week with Amber. I am just not sure what is up with her. She has her injections on Monday and slept well that night.

Tuesday onwards she has been waking up at about 8 just screaming, she takes about 3/4 oz and goes back off after screaming again and tiring herself out!! I put her to bed around 7 each night as thats when she is tired. Wed night the same, Thurs night we had to go to A&E as she started breathing really funny, then she started choking, went all read faced and was sick everywhere (was like phlemy sick) it was terryfying and I was so worried about her.

She was the same last night (no choking though, thank god) and has been the same again tonight in waking v upset. Could it be teething as her gums are all white and she has all the symptoms of it?? Her temp is fine and she seems ok in herself I am just worried I am ignoring something!! Doctor said she had a lot of mucas on her chest but no infection and everything else was fine, he was happy with her!

I am bottle feeding and she has been having one small meal at tea time for around 3/4 weeks now.

Any mums have any advice/thoughts as to what it could be??


Amy n Amber (19 weeks)xx


  • They can sometimes have a reaction to their jabs. My lo had upset tummy after her 2nd lot. Maybe she's got a bit of a chest infection (although you said doc said no infection).
    If you are still not happy with her though take her back to the docs. mum's instinct is always right!
    hope she's better soon xx
  • Neve used to wake up screaming at about 8 when her teeth wee coming through (although she got hers later that your lo) - your post brought it all back! She used to get herself so worked up she was sick and I wonder if that is what your poor little dot is doing?
  • Thanks girls,

    She seems happy apart from at 8 how strange!!! I gave her calpol last night but she did the same again, v upset!!

    I am up and down all evening putting her dummy in but after she has this upset at 8 when I go and give her a cuddle and pop her back in cot she settles well??

    I feel like I am doing a shit job and can help her!!

  • You are NOT doing a shit job!!
    You will have nights like this. Charlotte has a cold at the moment and last night she was up for 3 hours crying!
  • You aren't doing a shit job - teething (if thats what it is and I do think thats what it sounds like) is awful and you just have to ride it out. Do you rub dentinox on her gums before you put her down? That might help and calpol is a godsend!

    At least its temporary!
  • Thanks hun, oh poor things, hope she is getting better xx She is so cute!
  • Hi girls,

    I am thinking it must be her teeth, her cheeks have been bright red today, ususal lots of dribble and chomping on all her toys. She had a huge green poo (which she found funny lol) which is a sign also isnt it?

    Well I put some detonix on her gums and also gave her a powder before bed so I hope she sleeps well as the poor things is only getting broken sleep waking in pain. She had an awful night last night so ended up in bed with me at 5.30 this morning!

    Thanks for everyone's advice xx
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