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Hi ladies, I don't mean to offend anyone with this question so please don't answer if you don't want to, I'm currently only at the ttc stage but my wedding is booked for June 2012. I already have about 1.5-2 stone that I would like to shift before the wedding and I know after having a baby it could be quite alot more, so my question... How much weight did having a baby put on you? and how long did it take you to lose it?

I know this may sound really selfish in a way and it's really not the way I mean, I just don't want to be putting added pressure on myself straight after the birth (if I'm lucky enough to fall preg!!) so if I'm setting unrealistic goals I'd rather know now and move the wedding abit further down the line.

Thanks for reading my rambles! xx


  • I put on 2st of baby weight (she was only 6lb2oz!!) and I was back into my pre-preg jeans 4 days after the birth.
    I am now 9lb under my pre-preg weight (I'm a big girl anyway!) and LO will be 7 months old next week.

    My weight loss is down to breastfeeding and weight watchers (started loosely in Jan and properly into it now)

    Everyone is different though, do you find it easy to lose weight usually? Like I said, I'm a big girl so it comes off quite easily - I lost 4st in a year on WW, before hubby came along and ruined everything lol.

    Good luck ttc

  • I put on 3 stone with lo and she was only 6lbs 14ozs and she is now 5 months old and I have lost in inches but not on the scales, I am about to up my exercise again this week and start using my cross trainer as well as walking, swimming and doing the wii fit.
  • I put on 1st during my pregnancy and think it really helped that I didn't pig out, had no cravings and tried to eat healthily. My LO was 10lbs and I was back at my pre-preg weight 4 days after the birth and lost another 7lbs by the time my LO was 2 weeks old. He's now 14 weeks and I'm still half a stone lighter than pre-preg weight. Think it helped that I had a bit of fat to start with LOL!

    Wishing you lots of luck ttc x
  • hi i put on 3 stone and my lo was 8lb11, iv really struggled loosing weight (im big anyway) and in a dress size bigger than before i fell pregnant.s

    ashy x
  • I put on 2.5 stone, i lose weight really easily normally but I'm stuck with a stone to go. I've lost one on my own, lost it pretty quickly actually, but now ds is almost 5 months and I still can't shift the last stone, regardless of exercise or eating habits. I'm bfing though, so dieting's tricky. x x x
  • I put on just under 3st, lo was 6lb5oz. I'm about 6lb heavier now than before but can fit into most of my old clothes. Lo has just turned 12 months. I must admit I've not got back into much of an exercise regime which would probably help!!!
  • First baby I put on around 3 stone but he was a big baby (9lb 8 oz) after I had him I was about 1 and a half stone heavier than my pre pregnancy weight. I stayed pretty much that weight (despite breast feeding) until he was around 9 months old when I started doing a lot more exercise and eating more sensibly. With baby no. 2 I put on 2 stone when I was pregnant and after I'd had my daughter I was a stone heavier. This time round I lost half a stone in the first couple of months, but I am still trying to shift the last half a stone to get back into all of my clothes!!!!! I would say give yourself at least 9 months to get back to your old self, but then again you might be one of those lucky people who snap back into shape straight away. image
  • I was sick the whole way through and was the same weight at the end as at the start, was horrendous though. I lost 2 stone in the first 3 months and gradually put this on the last 6 months. I'm now still at that weight but I'm super lazy and need to get motivated for my own wedding in 2012.

    Good luck with ttc. xxxxx
  • i put on 3 stone but i was quite a gym bunny before and gave this up when i fell pregnant, i lost a stone after giving birth and another stone natuarally over 10 weeks, however i can seem to shift the last, having said that i'm not tying very hard :lol:

    good luck x
  • I put on 1 stone, and after birth was 1 stone lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight. This was down to my cravings being healthy food and going off coke and chocolate! My boy is 6 months nearly and I've kept that weight off xxx
  • I put on 2.5 stone and had an 8Ib11 baby who is now 14 months. Still have to shift 10 pounds, just can't seem to do it! Slimming world helped me lose the rest, really want to lose this last bit! Need motivation! It is hard with a lo though! x
  • i stopped weighing myself when i'd put on 3.5 stone but i went from doing a very busy job where i was on my feet and moving about a lot to being housebound with spd which didn't help at all. My lo was 6lb9oz but i did have a huge amount of fluid as well, i lost quite a lot vry quickley but then got stuck at the last stone and a bit (but i was overweight to begin with) but with 1 day to go till my lo's 1st birthday i am over half a stone lighter then i was pre pregnancy and a couple of pairs of jeans are to big image
    still have a way to go but it's a start
  • wow thanks for all the replies ladies!

    I'm 11st at the minute, which is about half a stone overweight for my height, I did manage to shift 2st on my own a few years ago but it was with a very strict diet and exercise plan so not sure if I would have the will to do it again!!
    So hopefully then with my wedding as motivation I'll be able to shift the pounds I pile on...either that or I'll just get married in my trackie bottoms image

    Thanks again, really great to get some info on what to expect! xx
  • hmm, i don't actually know how much i've put on in stones, i never weighed myself pre pregnancy, and can't remember for the life of me what my booking weight was...however i had been a little on the porky side abbout 6 months prior to falling pregnant and was a size 16 (not saying anyone who is a size 16 is porky, but me only being 5ft, it shows!), i then dropped down to a snug size 12/comfortable 14, that was the size i was at conception, after birth i was obviously bigger, but 6 weeks on it had started to come off and was a snug 14/comfortable 16, but unfortunately my lack of will power and my love for all things sweet (particulalry if they have the words 'ben' and 'jerry' in them) means i'm now at my biggest, a sze 18, and ds is 1yr. but like i say comlptely my own doing and if i had carried on on the good road i had started i wld probably have been back to my pre preg size within another month or two, possibly even got a bit smaller...i wasn't even dieting then either, i just wasn't eating buckets loads of chocolate (naughty me!) and was bf. i currently need to lose about 4-5 stone, and because it's such a huge amount it puts me off even trying, as it just seems imossible, or that i'll be on a diet forever. but like i say, realistically i cld've done it and more within 4 months of the birth, i just couldn't eb arsed lol. xx
  • I don't actually know how much I put on in pregnancy but I am now (13 months after giving birth) 4lb. lighter than I was when I fell pregnant. HOWEVER, my shape has changed. I am comfortably back in my prepregnancy clothes, but there is an irritating roll of fat around the top of my abdomen which I loathe! (Yes, I carried high! image) I have about half a stone to go before I get down to my ideal weight and am struggling (mainly finding time to exercise - should be less of a problem once I can chase my young man around outside when the weather improves) but I don't think that bit of flab will ever go away. So, whatever your weight, be prepared for a different body shape after pregnancy.

    Best of luck ttc. :\)
  • I think my attitude is very similar to that WoW Baby, that's what scares me at the minute :lol: spending another grand on a new dress just isn't an option!!! :O hopefully the thought of that would be all the motivation I'll need! xx
  • my first pregnancy i don know how much weight i put on but i didnt et back in to my size 14 clothes,my second pregnancy(twins),again i dont know how much i put on but it was a fair bit,but the twins were 9wks early and i was expressing and rushing to and fro going back to the hospital every day so i was back in to my size 16 within 2wks,in 15 months ive lost just over 3 stone,granted the first stone i lost was popping the twins out but it still counts :lol: iam hopin to lose a little more before i get married in aug' but we will see

  • I was very small before falling pregnant and didnt eat very well so when I feel pregnant and started eating properly I put on a lot of weigh!! I think I put on abour 4.5 stone image
    Nor 5months later I have lost 3 stone so getting there!!
  • I put on 2 and half stone, lost a stone through giving birth and I've just lost the second stone. DS is six months and I've been doing WW since January.

    K xxx
  • I put on 2st 9lb and had lost most of it by the time ds was 3 months and all of it by the time he was 6 months. I now weigh less than I did before I was pregnant (he's now 10.5 months) and put this down to exclusively breastfeeding as I haven't done any exercise apart from walking with the pram/carrier.

    Whatever shape you end up it will be worth it I promise image

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