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Morning Ladies.

I saw my friend the other day who said oh your having a boy he will be late all boys seem to be late so i wondered, if you had a boy were they early?? i keep really hoping this little man will come early but not holding my breath lol!



  • My lo was a boy and he was 2 days early, but i went into labour 3 nights before that and had a long one, so i don't think that's strictly true - there are plenty of ladies on here with little girls that kept them waiting! x
  • thats what i thought but just thought i would ask and see lol! Thanks xx
  • good morning!

    A friend had a boy who was 7 weeks early.

    When I went overdue with my baby everyone said it would be a boy but I had a girl.

    good luck!
  • i had a boy and he was 3 days early and i started labour 5 days prior to that!!lol. i think this is an old wives tale.xxx
  • My son (and first) was 10 days late and my daughter was 2 days early. x
  • My eldest was a girl and 13 days late, my second was a boy and 11 days late! I don't think the sex makes any difference, although normally you're first is late. But for many people that is not true.

  • My lo Charlotte was 12 days early
  • Hi,
    My little boy was three weeks early, and he's my first child!

  • my lo was 10days late and he was my 1st and a boy
  • Wow its suprising seeing how early some of your babies were! Thanks everyone for replying! i hope my little man does come early when i was born i was two weeks early cant see that making a difference but anyway thanks!! xx
  • My little girl was 11 days late (just about missing 12 days as she came at 23:58!!)
    Don't think it makes any difference.
  • my little boy was 12 days early, he's my first. Everyone said they thought i'd be early (probably cos i was so huge), i think myself lucky tho cos he was 8lb11 when born so who know how big he'd have ended up if i'd been late, would never have got him out!
  • Mine is a boy and was 11 days late.
  • Do you think there is signs of how you can tell if you will be early or late or is it just go with it all lol! xx
  • I was convinced i would be late as i'd had no signs of going into labour whatsoever and was perfectly comfortable and active - i think the worst thing you can do is drive youself mad by sympton spotting and tring to guess when your baby will come, babies have a habit of coming when they're good and ready! :lol: xx
  • my daughter was 10 days late! and my mates little girl was 9 days late.. they say ur first is always late..
  • my daughter was 10 days late! and my mates little girl was 9 days late.. they say ur first is always late..
  • hi there my 1st is a boy he was 6 days late and my 2nd is a girl and she was ..... 6 days late :lol: so bang goes that theory image xxxx
  • Lol wow didnt expect to get so many replies! Thanks everyone!! I keep getting fed up with people saying stuff like this to me oh he will be late its a boy and oh its your first so he will be late! xx
  • My little man was 13 days late. xxx
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