Going into the ARMY!? (also posted in toddler)

Hi all,

My boyfriend has recently told me he wants to go in the army, which im ok about but im worried about what effect this might have on our little one hes 20 months old now and has a good undestanding of the things and world around him. I know my bf will have to be away alot of the time which im sure we will both get through (hopefully) but my bf thinks that our LO will forget who he is when he does eventually come home?

Is there any one out there that can talk from experiance or know of someone who has been through this?

Im just a bit worried about the whole thing i mean its a great career and it something my little boy can be proud of when hes old enough to understand about the army, i just dont want it to effect him too much?

Any advice helpful image



  • My dad was in the RAF, and was away quite a lot, including going to the Falklands. I never forgot who he was. I am, and was always, very close to him, and was always very proud of him. He provided a good life for us and we lived abroad for a while which was great and a good life experience.

    The only downside was moving every three years so it was difficult to make longterm friends, but we usually lived on base so everyone was in the same boat so it was easy to make new friends. When I was 11 me and my sister went to boarding school so our education could be more consistent and I made lifelong friends there.

    R u planning on getting married? I'm not sure about these days but I think in the past married quarters for only for those that were actually married. It will be easier for you when he is away if you are in married quarters as then you will have the support of the other wives.

    As a child of someone in the forces I probably have a very different view of that of a wife, but for me I was very happy.

    Good luck to him, it's a good career to get into.
  • Hi, my dad was in the Army and went away when I was a year old and 3 years old, both times were for 6 months. I am very close to him and it had no effect on our relationship.

    I was in the Army and my husband is also in - he is away to Afghanistan next year for 6 months when our little one will be a year. It is very hard but it is a good career. As above they will look after you and your child more if you are married.

    Good luck xx
  • we are not married at the min however we have discussed it but have not got the money to have the wedding i wud like, but my bf said we can have a qucik registary wedding for now then in a few years time have a blessing like the wedding i have always dreamed of having. I dont plan to move anywhere with him just yet as i will be studying to become a teacher so it would be easier for me to stay here however eventually it will be quite nice to move to where ever he is based. How do you cope while ur OH's are away?

    Thanku 4 ur posts xxx
  • a good friend of mine is an army wife and her kids are very adaptable after having moved so many times, they really love the time they spend with daddy

    it is however very hard on her as she has to start all over again everytime they move, the is a move abroad coming up and i am not sure she will go with him with the kids as she has now a good job and the kids are settled with her and family, i am sure that will be a difficult decision for her to make,

    i think it mostly affects the adults greater that the kids
  • Hi!

    My husband is in the army and so far we have been lucky enough that he has been able to commute to work and at the moment is based locally.

    We own our own home but when he's posted next we will move into quarters and rent it out.

    Sarah is right, you can only have a quarter if you are married but it will be much easier if your husband goes on tour as you will have a host of wives all in the same postion.

    My husband went to Iraq a few years ago and noone understood how I felt so I was very isolated and think I would have benefited from living on the patch.

    When we move our ds will be 2 and the new baby (all going well) will be 6 months old. I'm nervous about the change but excited for the adventures!

    My dad was in the RAF so we moved around alot as children and he was away all the time but it hasn't affected our relationship with him at all.

    Good luck to your boyfriend, you should be very proud x
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