Bloody show and shooting pains up my bum!!!

Totally confused. For almost 2 weeks now i have been loosing a 'Clear' Mucus when i wipe, not all the time but i a fair bit. Anyhow today 1 day over i have been loosing a 'Bloody' mucus. This is very much like what i lost when i was having my son.

All day since the shoow i have been having very low pressure in my lady parts and terrible shooting pains in my bum, with a little bit of discomfort in my lower back, but have had this pain in my back on and off for again almost 2 weeks. Rang hospital just to see what she said and she said it's a sign things are getting moving, heard this for 2 weeks now, and then said well the MW will do you a sweep on wednesday!!

Really wanted her to tell me i am going to have my baby!! he he.

Anyone else lost a bloody show then had pains, baby shortly after?? Had my show with my son, then waters trickled, then cntractions then 5 hours later had him in my arms.

Katherine 40+1 xx


  • Hi I had a LOT of bloody show at 5am, with low backache. Then sharp back pains. Only had a back ;abour, and ds was born at 7.45.

    Good luck, hope this is it for you. xx
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