Taking toy comforter to bed?

Ds is now 11 weeks old and as he has been clawing at his face an awful lot as he's been falling asleep we've been trying giving him something else to hold onto instead. He seems to be becoming quite attached to a little blanket-toy but I'm now worrying if it's safe to let him fall asleep with it in case it ends up covering his face?


  • well....my son has a comforter as I weaned him off his dummy. But the other day I put him donw for his nap with it, and he did his usual and cried for 2 mins then stopped, but I went in to check on him, to make sure he was ok, and found him panicing, as his comforter was over his face, and more so over his mouth.

    Its fair to say since then I havent left it with him it. it freaked me out.

  • My son sleeps with a muslim square and quite often find it over his face but as its quite light i dont worry so much.
    You could maybe try that if you feel he needs something to hold on to x
  • Grace has slept with her comforter (giraffe blankie) since she was very little. She puts him over her eyes when she is getting tired to block out the light!

    She's 10 months now.

    Em xx
  • We wanted them to use a comforter as didnt want them surgically attached to dummies (ha!)

    I was also worried about the thickness of them, although they are quite small. We have done the same as livronandcj and have given them lots of muslins. They hold the 'smell' well and are so light that the boys have taken to sleeping with them over their faces as the small is what comforts them!

    We have nice ones with their names embroidered on so bit more than simple muslins.

  • Thanks girls, unfortunately it's aswell as a dummy during the day :roll: at night he's starting to drop off without anything. He's not interested in a muslin at the moment, think I'll just keep an eye on him until he has drifted off then make sure it's away from his face for now x
  • Gemmiebaby i like the idea of having them embroiderd!! Seeing as he's so attatched.

    Kayssis, my lo has the squares as well as a dummy x
  • My lo is 8 weeks and I haven't risked it yet - I have a comforter with her name on it and thought it would be ok but tested this out by placing the comforter across her cheek and nose to see if she could bat it away and she struggled to be co-ordinated enough to do so - so I haven't risked her going to bed with it yet until I'm happy she can move/move it if it got in the way of her face xx
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