cough medicine for 13month old

Tegan has got a cold and is constantly coughing and is generally unwell. can you medicine for a cough at such a young age and where would i be able to get it from? xxx


  • have you tried boots? i got some trixlix(SP) from there and also got some called meltus and both are from the ages of 3months up to the age of 3 years.

    hope this helps if you can not find any just ask someone in boots and they will help you hun, and also your local chemist should be able to help!!

  • They do advise not giving any cough medicine to any child under the age of 2. I spoke to a pharmicist in boots only last week about it as kelsie has had a terrible cough and cold. He said I wouldnt recommend it at such a young age, shes 14 months.

    Its obvs up to you as shes your lo but I personally wouldnt just because of what he said.

  • When Louise had a cough, the doctor gave her ibroprofin (for children) and nose drops with a decongestant in them, but she also had some viral spots on her back.
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