are jumperoo's worth buying?

DD is almost 5 months old and prefers to be sitting or standing rather than laying at the mo. My friend is going to loan me her daughters door bouncer, but I wondered whether a jumperoo would also be worth having? I've seen the jumperoo's on the fisher price website which look cool. Have also seen the bounce and spin froggy by fisher price which is kind of similar...? I'm just looking for something else to keep her entertained, sure the mat and her chair and mummy's lap can get boring sometimes!!


  • yes! My lo loves her jumperoo! It is great if i just need to do the dishes or have something to eat, i can just leave her in it while do what i need to do. My lo spends most of the time in it either giggling or concentrating really hard on how it works! It is probably the best thing i have bought her!

  • Yes, my DS absolutely loves his and would probably stay in it all dayif I let him! xx
  • YES YES YES :lol:

    we have the jump and spin froggy which is slightly smaller than the rainforest jumparoo, but LO loves it has been going in it from 15 weeks and still loves it now at six months and is still on the lowest setting and hes not a shortie either image
  • my lo loves it too. Sometimes she just chills out in it watching the hanging animals, and then she just goes nuts jumping up and down. And like the others said its a good for being able to leave them in for 5 mins while you do something else.
  • See if you can borrow one and see how she gets on - they are so expensive. My LO is nearly 7 months and at around 5 months we considered buying a jumperoo as everyone raved about them. I didn't try her in one, but at a friend's house one time when everyone else was trying it out and loving it she seemed completely uninterested.

    We did buy her a door bouncer (for when I was in the shower) but she doesn't really like that either. TBH she's now more than happy to just sit on her mat - we have an Ikea one with no dangly bits and a Fisher Price jungle one with room for sitting and a few dangly bits - and play with her toys and we don't have to have a huge lump of plastic in the room, so I'm glad we didn't buy one
  • Yes, I have both and the jumperoo is so much better than the door bouncer. It's brilliant and I can't recommend it enough. However you should know that they only recommend babies should stay in them for about 20 minutes at a time. And they are quite big in size and are awkward to move around or take down.

    If you are going to get one, do it now so that your LO can start using it straight away. HTH xx
  • Thanks guys, seems its the way to go!! I would prefer to try her in one first, but no-one I know has one!

    Is fisher price the only one that do jumperoo's or are there others?
  • sorry g/c from toddler but i think the jumperoo was and still is our best purchase ever!! my dd is now nearly 3 (omg!!!!!) but she LOVED hers it broke our hearts when we had to put it away but it was brilliant and i swear she was so strong in the legs because of it! she wasnt interested at first it took a few tries for her to get the feel of it but once she did their was no holding her back!! lol
    there are always plenty on ebay if you wanted a bargain they are expensive new but if its your first baby and you want more its definately worth the money actually even if you only intent on having the one its still worth the money i couldnt give it a higher recommendation! x
  • My dd LOVED her jumperoo, but looking back, she only used it for 4 months! Started at 4 months, and by 8 months she didn't want to be in it anymore.

    I do think it was great for strengthening her legs, hence the reason she didn't want to be in it anymore, She prefers cruising!

    I think they are fab, but pricey for what they are. If I didn't have mine in the loft for number 2, I would get one secondhand. Netmums is great for bargains image
  • I'm still waiting for my LO to grow into hers! She's nearly 21 weeks but a tiny girl (still has room to spare in her 0-3 month clothes).
    This thread has just reminded me I haven't tried her for a few weeks so will give her another go in it this weekend (with the box under her feet of course so she can reach.
    She did seem interested by it all, she couldn't reach any of the toys.
    Do you have a toy library where you live? Might be worth looking into loaning it if you can
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssss!

    That is allimage
  • Best purchase ever!!! I tried lo in one in mothercare and she lit up. We got a good few months use out of it, was worth every penny.
  • g/c but there are loads of deals out there- mothercare do price match as well, I managed to get mine for ??54!! Argos had it for ??67.50 and mothercare were offering 20% off toys so they matched it and gave the discount!! I've heard boots have it on offer at the minute x
  • definitely, Tyler is 7.5 months and loves his !! i'm convinced thats why he is so good on his legs. He started in a door bouncer but it got abit dangerous as he's abit violent in it.
    well worth it, we had it when it was on sale in argos for ??65.

  • Thanks, I'll have a look in Boots and Argos, didn't think of them!
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