Archie; 13 weeks and havin tantrums

Hi Ladies, i need your help !!

Archie is 13 weeks, and for the last week, at 6.30/7pm Archie has a massive tantrum on and off up until around 8pm (screaming himself to exhaustion).

Its not colic or wind, as he's straightening his legs and clenching his fists, my gosh he has his dads temper!! LOL

Trouble is, my otherhalf has seizures, and he stresses over Archie screaming, which induces his seizures i'm at a catch 22....leave Archie to scream with OH getting more and more worked up and eventually having a seizure....or bowing down to my sons mardy tantrums, and making a rod for my own back in the future!!

I want to try and nip this in the bud pronto, as i dont want Archie thinkin or learning that if he screams he gets my undivided attention, for the wrong reasons!!

I could put him in his cot until he gets this out of his system, which took 25 mins tonight (i didnt leave him for the whole time-just put him back if he started kicking off again) but in doin that i dont want him to associate his cot as a form of discipline. Please dont read this wrong and think 'oh my god shes a hittler-mummy'...bcuz im not, i just want our son to realise that mardy tantrums wont be tollerated.

Im not naive, i know all babies cry, but this is full blown tantrums, and i love my son wholly and dearly, so i want him to grow up to be a rounded laid back lil man, like his daddy (but minus the temper!!)

Thanks in advance (as always)



  • he does tend to dose/cat nap until 9pm when he has his last bottle and goes til yes maybe he just wants bedtime? i'll give it a try thanks for the suggestion

  • i dnt think a 13 week old can have a tantrum!! hes still so young and has no idea what a tantrum is!it does sound as though if its not colic he could be tired,does he have a bedtime routine and does he fall asleep by himself?sorry for so many questions just trying to see if i can help at all xx
  • i also thought bedtime, as we've been having something similar recently. Try a bedtime routine if you don't have one already. I recommend soft lighting throughout this routine, something not often mentioned but it works wonders for us!

    It could also be overstimulation leading him to be colicy. Taking him to a room with soft, low lighting and no noise and holding him so his head is buried in your shoulder blocking out the world will help to calm him down enough to sleep!

    Don't worry about making a rod for your back just yet though. At his age he needs the reassurance that you'll respond to him everytime he cries. Once he's secure in this you'll be amazed how little he will cry out for you!

    Good luck with it though hon x
  • hiya, i havent got him into a routine as we are moving house in the next fortnight, so i didnt want to upset him. he will fall asleep of his own accord, most of the time, and ive bought a tommee tippee movement monitor for when he goes in his cot in the new house. once we're moved, ill start to bath at 6pm, bottle then bed. hopefully thatll knock the screamin fits on the head.
  • millie gets tired from around 6 so i give her a bath then shes in bed for 7 she will cry if shes tired and if they get over tired its hard for them to get to sleep. what time did u normally put him to bed?? hope it works for u im sure it will image x x
  • I don't think they can have tantrums at that age either.... my lo doesn't and she is 17wks. Does sound like he's tired perhaps? We have grizzles and whinging in the evening on/off till bedtime. Usually she'll have a 'practice run' sleep whilst were having tea and then she has one last feed before her bath

    We have a dimmer switch and touch lamps in our room, we have one or the other on the lowest setting when she has been in the bath and were getting her dried off.... certainly helps set the scene for bed
  • no wait til hes over 6 months ... then u'll see a tantrum lol millie cried 2day just cos she dropped her crisp! then she cried ( a weird cry not her normal one) when she was getting ready for bed cos my oh brought her bottle in ready for her to have after she was ready and she saw it and started crying wouldnt stop staring at it! had to distract her!! such a little madam!!
  • JJ started having tantrums a few weeks ago, when he gets fed up or doesn't want to play with something he really screaches and screams out, gets himself all hot and bothered and if i'm holding him he kicks out and tries throwing himself off my knee! because it was a nice day today i was out in the garden with him and he obv didn't wanna be out there, he screamed and screamed, didn't wanna lie down, didn't wanna sit, didn't wanna have a ride in his little car etc and as soon as i took him inside he was fine!!

    i do think 13 weeks is very early and i agree with what everyone has said about a routine and bedtime...hope it helps x
  • thanks ladies.,...its probably 'over tiredness'. i want him in a routine, but because our movin date has been changed about, i didnt want to upset him when we moved.
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