rash please help

my lo has a rash on her back and chest and a few pin prick spots on her face, shes had it for over a month and it seems to be getting worse. i took her to docs three weeks ago and he said it was heat rash (i wasnt sure about that as it was cold at the time!!) my question is should i go back to docs? do you know what it is?? thanks x x


  • Hi hun,

    could be heat, could be she's allergic to washing powder or a certain food? is she teething? could she have a viral infection eg a cold? Joshua always gets rashes! as long as the rash dissapears when you press a glass on it i wouldnt think it would be anything to worry about. i always ring NHS direct i find their really helpful, hope this helps xxx
  • thanks for your reply , i havent changed any thing or introduced any new foods so i am confused. it does disappear with glass test thank god. i am just concerned becasue it has been there for so long.
  • Could be exczema or a virus. I've had Cole to the docs with different rashes, 1 of which was eczema and one was a virus. They did say that viruses can take 6 weeks for the spots to go away though.

    If you are worried go back.. thats what doctors are there for!
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