chewing on his hand!!

ryan is nearly 14 weeks and he keeps chewing on his hands!! do you think he is teething or ready for weaning i can't remember what ane did when she was teething or ready for weaning, even when he is having a bottle he is trying to put his hand to his mouth, then when he has finished his feed he puts his hand straight to his mouth.

could someone please give me some advice on what to do!!



  • Hi i could be wrong but it could be teething as that was what my lo kept doing loads just before he cut his teeth at 4 months. He soon stopped doing it as much after they cut and i didnt wean lo for quite a few weeks later after that. He wasnt really chewing his hands during that time when i started weaning just showing all the other signs of needing to wean like crying after feeds and waking up earlier. HTHxx
  • i dont know babe my daughter and youngest son both did/do that is i wasnt quick enough with getting them there dummie
  • davids doing the same, i think its teething, he keeps letting out sharp cries every now and then and then putting his fist in.. or both fists in... lol whilst feeding/ when a dummy is in...
  • Evies nearly seven weeks and loves chewing on her hand if she cant get her dummy xxx
  • thankyou for your reply's im glad it just teething as i did not want to start weaning him yet.

    thanks again.
  • Hiya

    Everyone toldme my LO was teething although she is now 8months and still no sign of teeth. I dont know what it was. If it waws just her being hyungry and chewing everything. But she attcked a bottle if I gave it to her when she was chewing her hands...

    But because me LO has reflux they recommended weaning her really early as she was throwing up alot Sh has actually slowed upon the chewing on her hands. Still no teeth bless her
  • The trouble is that with teething, you cn get symptoms on and off for months before teeth appear. They dont just shoot up, they move a little, stop, move, stop etc until they pop through.

    You could try giving him teething gel or powder - personally I find the powders the best. I've also heard of putting teething gel on the bottle. And giving him teething toys to chew on.
  • JJ is doing the same hun and he's got a little spikey tooth on his top gum...he drools everywhere!! lol x
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