update on controlled cryin


i posted on here on monday that i was startin controlled cryin at bedtime because my 9 month old boy would not sleep in his cot anymore and was sleeping with me. any way thought id let you know how its going.....
1st night, cried and cried for 1 1/2 hours unitl he dropped off. slept till half 3 then whinged for an hour till he dropped back off
2nd night, he was really tired so he cried for 5 mins and went to sleep. woke at 12.30 and again whinged for an hour but dropped back off
Tonight he has cried but not as bad an was asleep within 15 mins.

All in all i am sooooo pleased. He has spent 2 full nights in his cot and hasnt done that for about 6 weeks. I dont think im out of the woods yet but i am glad I persevered that first night and didnt give in becuase it was so hard and heartbreaking to listen to him being so upset.


  • Well done, I'm so pleased it seems to have worked for you.
    I used it with Nathan about 6 weeks ago and so far so good. In fact we only really had to do it on the first night and since then he's slept. I hadnt realised how quickly I was going to him when he cried before.
    Fingers crossed for you that all stays good!

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