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I got bombarded with information when just after I had Finley and I think I remember being told I should make an appointment to have a smear when Finley was 3 months. Like I sadi though there was so much to take in that I am not sure if this is correct.

I had my last smear about a year ago. Should I be making an appointment to have another?

Thanks all



  • I think it is every 3 years but i'm not 100% sure, I just go when my surgery tell me to. If you call them up they should have a record of if you are due or not.
  • sorry i dont know the answer but didnt want to read and run. I had to have a smear after having lizzie but i had never had one before as i was under the age limit!
  • Agree with Sarah-b - every three years unless you are high-riak, i.e. have had irregular results in past. I'd call to check xxx
  • i had to have one when LO was 3 months but thats because i was due one when pregnant, you could always ring the surgery to see x
  • I think usually after having a baby that you should have one just to make sure they are no changes. Other than that every 3 years.
  • My midwife told me this but when I went to make an appointment I was refused because i'm only 24 and the screening programme doesn't start until your 25. While i'm sure everything is fine down there you'd think they'd want to do a quick swab on someone whos been sexually active for a while and been through pregnancy and birth! xx
  • flimpo- i had my first daughter just after i turned 20 and have been refused them until after i had lizzie when i was 25. i happened to turn 25 3 months after she was born!
    my midwife was disgusted that i had never had one! i think if you go to a sexual health clinic you can request one but im not 100% sure x
  • I was due one when I fell pg but was told I had to wait till lo was back for her 12 week jabs & she'd do my smear then. But ended up having mine at my 6 week check up as i had my trousers off already to check my stitchs. As my doc said kill 2 birds with 1 stone!! But think 3 months is norm even if u had one last year ur body goes through so much change while pg
  • Thanks wannababy, might check that out! x
  • i have asked for a smear too but being 23 they refused! i think its disgusting that in this day and age we cant be checked on request!!!
  • I think it's disgusting that some of u have been refused a smear!! I was always under the impression it was 25. But when I went to my doc at 17 to go on the pill, he said had I had a smear yet, to which I replied I thought u had to be 25, he said no we do it as soon as u are sexually active if possible. To wait till ur 25 is just horrible, esp in this day & age!!!!!

    Sorry bit of a rant there!
  • i cant believe some of you girls have been refused i am 26 and i have had 4 already, my first at 17!! no history just a very good surgery!
  • Hi yeah, you only have one when you are due so you should phone your doctors to find out when that is if you're not sure. It's usually every 3 years after you're 25. They used to do them after you'd had a baby but not anymore - typical NHS cutbacks! I was due mine when ds was 8 weeks old and after having around 30 stitches it was not a good experience!! x
  • Despite requesting many times I too was refused smears until I was 25. I think it is beyonde ridiculous that the age is si high.

    Steph in hollyoaks has just been diagnosed with cervical cancer. It will be interesting to see how the story unfolds.
  • I had my lo when I was 19, I've just turned 22 and I think it's beyond disgusting that I'll have to wait another 3 years!

    I dont think that you automatically need a smear after a baby, it's more go when you're due one, but I would call them to check

  • in scotland smears are done on anyone who is sexually active from the age of 16 every 3 years. i have always had mine regularly since this age and have had an abnormal smear and needed treatment for pre cancerous cells at the age of 31. i now get them yearly until i have had 5 years of clear tests and then it will be back to 3 years as normal.
  • I know it's naughty but if you want to get a smear before the 25 age limit go to the gp with a 'symptom' ie bleeding after sex. I had my first smear at 19 as I was actually having post-coital bleeding, they then were going to wait 6 years until 25 for the next one! Told my gp I was still getting occasional bleeding and it had been 3years, luckily she's really good and was willing to do it again for me, but by the time I got the appt I was pregnant. Will just have to see what she says at my 6week check today...better 'tidy up' just incase I guess
  • You shouldnt need one 3 months after pregnancy, unless you are overdue for a smear, or your last one showed abnormal or borderline changes.

    I am a nurse who specialises in gynae/colposcopy, so see the women who come in with abnormal smear results.
    The reason the health officials recommended that smear age be raised to 25 is because at a young age your cervix changes regularly, and this can give abnormal results when there isnt really anything wrong, causing young women to have unneccessary treatment on their cervix's. If you are having abnormal bleeding/bleeding after sex, you can still get one under the age of 25. If you have a smear before one is due, for no clinical reason (no symptoms), the smear will usually be returned from the lab untested.
  • Girls,

    the reason that the age to start having smears was upped to 25 is because before this age girls parts have not reached a level of maturity to make the results of smears reliable. Younger girls were getting false positive results, leading to a great deal of unneccessary anxiety and treatment, which does not go without risk of infection, and potential future miscarriage and premature birth. Yes there are a few unlucky ladies who develop cervical cancer before this age but studies concluded screening before this age was not cost effective and often more harmful than not.

    The vast majority of cases of cervical cancer take at least 10 years to develop, and it is now thought to be nearly completely caused by te HPV virus which is obviously sexually transmitted. Therefore cervical cancer is Very rare in those who have not been sexually active for at least 10 years, further supporting the age 25 for the majority of girls in this country.

    It is not a simple case of 'typical NHS cutbacks'. We are incredibly lucky to gave the NHS and such a successful screening programme in the UK. If women attend for screening at the correct age and at regular 3 year intervals then rates would be right down. The majority of cases of cervical cancer I see in my practice are ladies in their 30s, 40s and 50s who have neglected their smears for 8 years or so.

    There is also a very good national failsafe and recall system in the uk which ensures women are called for screening at the right time, and reminded twice. If you go for screening when you are requested your off to a good start.

    Hope this clears things up a bit. Many have the same opinion when it comes to the age for screening, it's a shame it isn't explained more clearly to the public.
  • I just had my first one on Monday. It was due when I was PG and after I had LO I asked the nurse what to do about it, and she said I would hear from the surgery. A few months later I got a letter about it (months??)

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