FAO mummys who use dummies?

Hi Lizzie has a dummy. shes not keen on it tbh but the only time she does want it is maybe once in the middle of the night, sometimes twice at most.
I was wondering, she literally wakes,makes noise-i put dummy in mouth and shes back asleep within seconds- do you cpount this as sleeping through? like i said 99% of time she only dioes this once a night, sometimes she doesnt wake for it all.
can i somehow stop her wanting it at night? i put her down awake and again 99% of time falls asleep after spitting it out anyway!


  • i would count that as sleeping through, unless she is up for a feed then i would say she is sleeping through, perhaps let her do without the dummy for 1 night, if she starts crying like crazy then give it to her but i would suggest just fixing her blanket etc when she is fissling and she might go over herself again without the dummy, you wont know till you try. xxx
  • I say lo sleeps through bar having to replace dummy once or twice. I'm glad you posted as we have exactly the same at night, except lo takes his during day too but I reckon he would go without. I want to try and see what happens if we leave him to it, to see if he'll go to sleep alone but at the minute it takes seconds to pop it in and we're both back to sleep, I'm a bit wimpy and don't want to mess that up quite yet plus lo is a little poorly so not the time to try it! Will be interesting to see how you get on as I promised dh the dummy would be gone at 6 months...
  • i want to leave her to it but the only thing that worrys me is if she wakes up my dd1. but then i think on the other hand, she never woke her when she woke as a newborn baby.
    im sure i will get round to leaving her to it when she wants it back at night time,lol.
    in the day time she driffs off fine if we are home i will give it to her for a nap in her cot as this way she will sleep for an hour instead of a 10 min catnap!
    she doesnt have it if we are out walking or anything or playing at home, it just is for sleeping.
  • We have the same thing and I have to give it to her once or twice a night but she does use it during the day to calm her down as for some reason she always screams after she's has her bottle until she has something else to suck on!

    However I don't think the daycare give it to her as much as I do so I wonder whether to stop offering it and see what happens.

    Maybe just try without it one night when you can afford to lose a bit of sleep and see what happens. If she doesn't self settle after 10 minutes then offer it and try again a few days later?

    I dont know really but we're going to have to start getting rid of it soon as she has so many teeth!

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