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Sorry, not baby related but i just wanted to say hello as not spoke to you in ages! It's Joanna from YAYW!! How are you? Yr baby is beautiful, but judging by a few of yr recent posts a bit of a terror at the moment?! I've just joined the site, not quite TTC just yet but have decided definitely this year so im doing a bit of background reading!!

Are you still at Clarks or enjoying being a mummy too much?!

Anyway, take care and hope to speak to you soon! x


  • bloody hell! hiya!

    how are you? its lovely to see you over here. sorry never kept in touch so much things just went mental!

    so glad your gonna ttc, i love being a mummy its amazing and even when she is being a terror which isnt much she is just fab.

    i supposed to be starting back at clarks next month, not sure if im looking forward to it yet.

    hows work with you? you started at rushpool didnt you?

    great to hear from you

  • hey, i'm good thanks!! i thought it was you when i saw the name but the extra 'l' in Kel confused me so i had to check your other topics!

    I can't wait to be a mum, i've always been broody but me and hubby have just enjoyed spending a little bit of time together! A lot bn going on around the house and with work etc but feel like now is the time!!

    I started and left Rushpool (was there a year and loved it but very long hours and poor pay) and am now working for the NHS on a PFI project in Middlesbrough, i love it!!

    Are you going back part time? will be easier to ween yrself in. Will lo go to nursery or family?

  • they wouldnt take me with just one "l" !!

    youare deffo doing the right thing im glad me and hubby had time just the 2 of us before grace came along, wouldnt be without her now tho.

    going back part time while a friend looks after baby will just have to see how it works out. i wanted her to go to nursery but i only do 12 hours and it would have cost too much.

    you will have to pop in and see me.

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