oh my goodness!

wow for the second night running i have just put evie down in her cot to bed and she's gone out like a light!! image
no whimpers or anything, i am speechless! she was really off colour yesterday so thought it was a massive fluke when she went down last night, but no she's done it again!
so daddy and i are downstairs with the monitor having some quality time (well watching corrie if that counts!)
baby steps i know but i am very proud of my little girl!



  • Same here the last week I have put Olivia down and she has gone off not long after laying her down. She has a winnie poo thing that plays nursery rhymes and projects winnie and his friends on the ceiling and she loves watching it and then she goes off to sleep. We have the monitor on down stairs but most nights she is still asleep when we go up to bed.

  • hi gem! we have the same thing for evie! its ace, i stand there and watch as poo, piglet and tigger float across the ceiling! it works for evie wonders best thing we've ever bought! xxx
  • Yeah same here it is the best thing she has I love it just as much as Olivia does hehe.

    Gem x
  • when was olivia born? i saw your post in jan 09 forum- evie was born on the 18th xx
  • Olivia was born on the 19th image

    Gem x
  • ah thats ace! xxx
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